Chronology of Korean Influencer Breaking Up with Boyfriend Due to TXT’s Yeonjun, Viral!

Cho Young Min breaks up with Hyeji over TXT's Yeonjun, stirring a viral debate on loyalty. See how this high-profile split sheds light on relationship boundaries.
Chronology Of Korean Influencer Breaking Up With Boyfriend Due To Txt’S Yeonjun, Viral!

A whirlwind of emotions recently swept through the world of South Korean social media as a breakup story involving a well-known influencer, Cho Young Min, and his girlfriend, Hyeji, went viral. The surprising twist? The cause of the split was none other than a member of the popular K-pop group TXT, Yeonjun.

The Viral Breakup

Cho Young Min Portrait of influencer Cho Young Min (

The drama began when Cho Young Min, a celebrity and CEO of the fashion brand Thug Club, took to Instagram on June 4, 2024, to explain why he ended his relationship with Hyeji, an ulzzang (a term used in Korea to describe someone with a pretty face).

The breakup started with a seemingly innocuous Instagram DM from Hyeji to Young Min, featuring a video of TXT’s Yeonjun. Along with the video, Hyeji added the message, “Yeonjun, I love you.” This message did not sit well with Young Min, who felt disrespected by his girlfriend’s professed admiration for another man.

In his Instagram post, Young Min expressed his feelings: “I’m a real man. I don’t need a girl who can easily say ‘I love you’ to another man (TXT’s Yeonjun). I just want to pour out my love sincerely to someone I can give everything to.” His heartfelt message resonated with many but also sparked a debate among netizens about the validity of his reasons for ending the relationship.

Hyeji’s Apology

Hyeji Portrait of Hyeji, Cho Young Min’s ex-lover (

Feeling the sting of being dumped so abruptly, Hyeji tried to make amends. She reached out to Young Min through KakaoTalk, Korea’s popular messaging app, admitting her mistake and pleading for another chance. Hyeji’s message, a screenshot of which Young Min also shared on Instagram, read: “Youngmin, I’m sorry. You said you didn’t like things like this, so I did it wrong. I make sure this won’t happen again.”

Despite her apologies and promises, Young Min stood firm in his decision. He replied, “It’s not wrong to say that you like a celebrity. It’s just that for me personally, actions like this make me feel compared. Live simply. As you wish, that is happiness. I will go find my own happiness. I don’t want to see you again.”

Netizens Weigh In

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As news of the breakup spread, many netizens found the reason for the split rather trivial. Comments flooded in, questioning whether such a minor issue warranted ending a relationship. Some saw Young Min’s reaction as an overreaction, while others sympathized with his stance on fidelity and respect.

In response to the criticism, Young Min clarified his position, explaining that the message from Hyeji felt like a betrayal. “He sent the message ‘Yeonjun, I love you’ when we were dating. It seemed like he should have sent it to his friends. Around 23:30, I wanted to send him a DM because I missed him, but instead, I saw the video and his message about Yeonjun.”

Hyeji’s Clarification

Hyeji Portrait of Hyeji, Cho Young Min’s ex-lover (

Adding another layer to the drama, Hyeji took to Instagram to share her side of the story. She confirmed that Yeonjun was indeed the reason for their breakup, but she found the rationale perplexing, especially since they had been considering marriage.

“We broke up because of TXT’s Yeonjun. My ex wasn’t happy because he was someone who considered idols to be the opposite sex,” Hyeji wrote. She continued, “Even though I don’t understand it, I try to respect him because he is someone I love. I also sincerely apologize to him. But I wonder why this is the reason for breaking up, as a couple who has been discussing marriage for the last year.”

A Trivial Matter or a Deeper Issue?

Tthe breakup of Cho Young Min and Hyeji over a message about TXT’s Yeonjun seems like a small spark igniting a larger issue. It’s a reminder of how personal boundaries and perceptions of loyalty can drastically differ from one person to another. While some may see Young Min’s reaction as an overreaction, it also highlights the importance of mutual respect and understanding in a relationship.

In the end, what seems trivial to one might be significant to another, and in the world of high-profile relationships, even the smallest actions can have monumental consequences. What do you think? Is the reason for breaking up given by Korean celebrity Cho Young Min reasonable?

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