Celebrity Weight Transformations: Who Surprised Us the Most?

Explore stunning celebrity weight changes. From Lee Dongwook's refined look to Liu Yifei's charming transformation, see who surprises you the most.
Celebrity Weight Transformations: Who Surprised Us The Most?

In the entertainment world, a celebrity’s weight often grabs headlines. The idea of being “white and thin” is often seen as the gold standard for beauty, but is it really the only way to measure attractiveness? Not necessarily. Some celebrities look better when they’re thinner, while others shine brighter with a few extra pounds. Let’s explore the transformations of fourteen celebrities and see who surprises us the most.

Stunning Transformations


Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong wook is known for his tall, handsome figure. It’s hard to believe he was once chubby. After losing weight, his looks and charisma improved significantly, making his features even more refined.



Myolie Wu

Myolie Wu’s recent appearance in a costume drama shows she has gained a bit of weight. Although not as slim as before, her charm and elegance remain unchanged.



Wei Daxun

Wei Daxun was overweight before his debut. Shedding those pounds transformed him into a tall, handsome star, making him almost unrecognizable from his former self.



Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-hyun gained weight during pregnancy but quickly returned to her pre-baby body, showcasing her determination. Her journey reminds us that weight is often temporary and can be managed with effort and perseverance.



Zhu Yilong

Known for his role as Shen Wei, Zhu Yilong’s fuller cheeks once gave him a gentle, approachable vibe. Now thinner, with more defined cheekbones, he looks slightly tired but still maintains his unique appeal.



Jiang Shuying

Jiang Shuying has always been known for her tall and slim figure. However, on some occasions and social media, her weight has fluctuated. Interestingly, her slightly fuller appearance makes her seem more gentle and charming.



Kim Soo-hyun

Kim Soo-hyun reached the peak of his career with My Love from the Star, but his weight began to fluctuate afterward. The added weight has given his face a fuller look, which some fans find endearing.



Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo, often remembered for her role in Descendants of the Sun, has experienced weight changes over the years. Her fuller face gives her a mature and graceful appearance.



Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying’s round face in her early career was adored by many. After becoming a mother, she slimmed down significantly. While some fans love her new look, others miss her chubbier, cuter appearance.



Xi Mengyao

As a model, Xi Mengyao maintains a slim figure even when she gains weight. Her rounder face when fuller adds sweetness to her smile, but weight loss accentuates her facial structure, highlighting her features more sharply.



Mao Xiaotong

Mao Xiaotong’s youthful and cute look is enhanced when she has more collagen in her cheeks. Weight loss makes her face appear more mature and defined, but some feel it loses a bit of its girlish charm.



Lee Dahae

Lee Dahae, known for her role in My Girl, has transformed over the years. Her early cute and quirky image has evolved, and weight loss has given her a more refined, though slightly less vibrant, appearance.



Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung has always been beautiful, even with a fuller face. Weight loss has only enhanced her beauty and increased her elegance, showing that she can rock any look.



Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei stands out among many white and thin female stars in domestic entertainment. Her fuller figure gives her a mature charm, but her slender appearance as the “fairy sister” remains irresistible.


It’s fascinating to see how weight changes affect celebrities differently. While some look more glamorous after slimming down, others lose a bit of their distinctive charm. The key takeaway? Beauty isn’t solely about being thin or fat. It’s about confidence, health, and feeling good in your skin. Celebrities like Jun Ji-hyun and Zhu Yilong show us that weight is just one part of the picture. Embracing who you are, regardless of size, is what truly makes someone stand out. So, let’s celebrate diversity in beauty and focus on staying happy and healthy.

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