Carina Lau and Tony Leung’s Artistic Escapade in Paris

Explore Carina Lau and Tony Leung's Parisian escapade, from bare-faced beauty to artistic indulgence.
Carina Lau And Tony Leung’S Artistic Escapade In Paris
Carina Lau and Tony Leung, two stalwarts of the silver screen, recently took a break from their hectic schedules to indulge in some cultural exploration in the romantic city of Paris. While on a break from filming Tony Leung’s latest project, “Silent Friend,” the couple, accompanied by esteemed filmmaker Chen Yingxiong and his wife Chen Yanxi, embarked on a journey through Parisian art and gastronomy, offering a glimpse into their charming camaraderie and individual quirks.

A Stroll Through Art and Friendship

After Seeing The Famous Paintings, The Two Couples Ate Burgers And Fed The Pigeons In The Park. (Taken From Weibo)

As they roamed the streets of Paris, Tony Leung and Chen Yingxiong found themselves drawn to the mesmerizing works of Picasso, engaging in animated discussions that reflected their shared appreciation for the arts. Meanwhile, Carina Lau and Chen Yanxi observed their partners with affectionate smiles, reveling in the beauty of their genuine enthusiasm.

Their encounter with Picasso’s masterpieces not only provided moments of aesthetic delight but also served as a testament to the enduring bond between Tony Leung and Chen Yingxiong, whose friendship has flourished over three decades since their collaboration on the acclaimed film “Tricycle Driver.”


Bare-faced Beauty and Culinary Delights

Tony Leung (First From Left), Carina Lau (First From Right) And Husband And Wife Director Chen Yingxiong And Chen'S Daughter Yanxi Admire Picasso'S Famous Paintings In Paris. ...

Amidst their artistic escapades, the quartet paused to indulge in a simple pleasure: savoring hamburgers on a park bench, accompanied by the playful antics of Parisian pigeons. While Tony Leung and the others relished the street food, Carina Lau opted to abstain, showcasing her disciplined approach to diet and wellness. Despite her bare-faced appearance, Lau exuded an undeniable radiance, earning admiration from netizens for her natural beauty and graceful demeanor.

Tony Leung’s penchant for whimsical adventures was further revealed as rumors surfaced of his spontaneous trips to Paris solely to feed the city’s pigeons—a charming anecdote that adds another layer to the actor’s enigmatic persona.

In the bustling streets of Paris, amidst the timeless allure of art and the simple pleasures of street cuisine, Carina Lau and Tony Leung’s escapade offered a glimpse into their shared passions, enduring friendships, and individual quirks. As they continue to captivate audiences on screen, their off-screen adventures serve as a reminder of the enriching experiences that await those who embrace life’s artistic and culinary delights.

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