Bright Star Zhao Lusi: Carrying the Torch for the Paris Olympics

Discover why Zhao Lusi, the rising star of Chinese drama, is chosen as the torchbearer for the Paris Olympics. Follow her journey and achievements.
Bright Star Zhao Lusi: Carrying The Torch For The Paris Olympics

The upcoming Paris Olympics is set to witness a momentous event as popular actress Zhao Lusi joins the ranks of torchbearers. Known for her stellar performances in acclaimed dramas such as “The Hidden God” and “Secretly Can’t Hide,” Zhao Lusi’s announcement as a torchbearer has ignited excitement across the internet. But this isn’t her first association with the Olympic spirit.

Ten years ago, Zhao Lusi proudly served as the Chinese Youth Olympic Ambassador, a role that now adds to the significance of her participation in the Paris Olympics. Her endearing presence during that time, adorned with a mascot sticker, won hearts and continues to be remembered fondly by netizens. The juxtaposition of her past and present roles underscores the journey of a bright star ascending to even greater heights.

The Torch Relay: A Symbolic Journey

Paris Olympics


As the torch makes its way from Olympia, Greece, to Marseille and beyond, Zhao Lusi will mark her place in history as she carries the Olympic flame through the Gers province of France. Scheduled for May 18 to 19, her participation adds a touch of diversity and international flair to the relay, embodying the Olympic spirit of unity amidst diversity.

Beyond the Torch: A Glittering Career

Paris Olympics


Zhao Lusi’s journey extends far beyond the realm of sports ambassadorship. Her recent endeavors in the entertainment industry have been met with widespread acclaim and anticipation. Following the success of “Shen Yin,” she ventures into a new costume drama, “Pearl Curtain and Jade Curtain,” alongside co-star Liu Yuning. The chemistry between the two actors has captured the imagination of fans, sparking discussions and even rumors.

Global Adoration: Fans Across Continents

Paris Olympics


Zhao Lusi’s charm knows no bounds, transcending geographical borders and cultural barriers. From captivating audiences with her on-screen presence to touching the hearts of royalty, her influence resonates worldwide. Reports of a Cambodian princess moved to tears upon receiving a signed photo from Zhao Lusi exemplify the profound impact of her persona.

A Legacy of Inspiration

As Zhao Lusi prepares to take on the role of torchbearer at the Paris Olympics, her journey symbolizes more than just a moment in time. It reflects a legacy of inspiration, perseverance, and global connectivity. Whether on the screen or amidst the flickering flames of the Olympic torch, Zhao Lusi continues to shine brightly as a beacon of hope and unity for audiences around the world.

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