Biodata and Profiles of the 5 Main Cast of Korean Drama The Auditors

Profiles of the main cast of Korean drama The Auditors.
Biodata And Profiles Of The 5 Main Cast Of Korean Drama The Auditors

After a long wait, the highly anticipated Korean drama The Auditors is set to premiere on July 6, 2024. This series marks the comeback of renowned actors Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Jung Ha, telling the gripping story of an audit team working under a strict leader amidst corruption cases at JU Construction. Let’s dive into the biodata and profiles of the main cast members of The Auditors.

Shin Ha Kyun: The Veteran Leader

Shin Ha Kyun

Birth name: Shin Ha Kyun
Stage name: Shin Ha Kyun
Place and date of birth: Seoul, May 30, 1974
Citizenship: South Korea
Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts (Broadcasting Entertainment Department)
Zodiac: Gemini
Height: 175 cm
Blood group: O
Profession: Actor, model


Shin Ha Kyun began his acting career with the film The Happenings in 1998 and gained significant recognition with his role in Joint Security Area (2000). Despite primarily working as a film actor, he has also starred in several dramas, including Good Person (2003) and Golden House (2010). In 2011, his role in Brain earned him the Grand Prize (Daesang) and other awards. Returning to the small screen, Shin Ha Kyun takes on the role of the strict audit team leader in The Auditors, promising a powerful performance.

Lee Jung Ha: The Rising Star

Lee Jung Ha

Stage name: Lee Jung Ha
Birth name: Lee Kwan Min
Date of birth: February 23, 1998
Citizenship: South Korea
Zodiac: Pisces
Height: 180 cm
Blood group: O
Education: Dong Seoul University (DKV Department)
Profession: Actor, model, singer


Lee Jung Ha initially pursued a career as a KPop idol and participated in the survival program The Unit in 2017. After shifting to acting, he made his debut in the drama Want More 19 (2018) and gained popularity with roles in Run On (2020) and Nevertheless (2021). Following his success in Moving (2023), Lee Jung Ha will be seen as a member of the audit team in The Auditors, showcasing his versatile acting skills.

Jin Goo: The International Sensation

Jin Goo

Birth name: Jin Goo
Stage name: Jin Goo
Place and date of birth: Seoul, July 20, 1980
Citizenship: South Korea
Education: Sahmyook University (Advertising Department)
Zodiac: Cancer
Height: 178 cm
Blood group: AB
Wife: Kim Ji Hye (Married 2014)
Profession: Actor
Instagram: @actor_jingoo


Jin Goo made his acting debut in 2009 with the drama All In. His portrayal of Jin Tae in the thriller Mother (2009) earned him critical acclaim and multiple awards. Jin Goo gained international fame with his role in Descendants of the Sun (2016). He returns to the screen in The Auditors, adding depth to the series with his seasoned acting prowess.

Jo A Ram: The Talented Multi-Hyphenate

Jo A Ram

Birth name: Cho Hye Yeon
Stage name: Jo A Ram
Place and date of birth: Ansan, August 5, 2000
Citizenship: South Korea
Zodiac: Leo
Blood group: O
Profession: Actress, singer, model
Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA)
Instagram: @i_joaram


Jo A Ram, formerly known as Hyeyeon from Gugudan, debuted as a singer in 2016. After leaving the group in 2018 due to health issues, she transitioned to acting under the name Jo A Ram. She gained attention through the drama Dr. Cha (2022) and is set to impress audiences in The Auditors with her compelling performance.

Jung Moon Sung: The Versatile Actor

Jung Moon Sung

Name: Jung Moon Sung
Place and date of birth: Seoul, January 13, 1981
Zodiac: Capricorn
Height: 177 cm
Blood group: O
Profession: Actor
Twitter: @jms_rainbow


Jung Moon Sung began his career as a musical actor in 1999 and transitioned to screen acting with Phantom (2012). He gained recognition with roles in Heartless City (2013) and Hospital Playlist (2020). Following his role in Divorce Attorney Shin (2023), Jung Moon Sung joins the cast of The Auditors, promising to deliver another standout performance.

The Auditors is set to be a captivating series with a talented cast bringing depth and intrigue to their roles. Don’t miss the premiere on July 6, 2024, available on Viu!

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