Best Romance K-Dramas with Arranged Marriages

Top romance K-dramas with arranged marriages, where love blooms in unexpected ways.
Best Romance K-Dramas With Arranged Marriages

Romance dramas, or “K-dramas,” with arranged marriages have a special charm that keeps viewers hooked from start to finish. Whether it’s the initial awkwardness, unexpected chemistry, or the blossoming of true love, these stories captivate our hearts. For today’s list, I’ve compiled some of the best modern romance K-dramas featuring arranged marriages. So, if you’re a fan of this trope, you’re in for a treat!

1. Bride of the Century

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Bride of the Century revolves around the powerful Taeyang Group, the largest conglomerate in South Korea, which is said to be cursed. The legend claims that the first bride of the eldest son will always die. When the wealthy heiress Jang Yi Kyung goes missing right before her wedding to Choi Kang Joo, an imposter named Na Doo Rim steps in. Unlike the cold and calculating Yi Kyung, Doo Rim is sweet and warm, and Kang Joo finds himself genuinely falling for her. As the wedding plans progress, behind-the-scenes schemes by their mothers unfold, adding layers of intrigue and drama.

2. Crash Landing on You

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After a paragliding accident, South Korean heiress Yoon Se Ri crash-lands in North Korea. There, she meets North Korean army officer Ri Jeong Hyeok, who decides to help her return home. Despite the political tensions between their countries, the two begin to fall in love. Initially, I thought this show would be about a spoiled girl in a tough situation, but it’s far from that. Se Ri is smart, confident, kind, and hardworking, contrasting with many other rich and spoiled characters. This K-drama is refreshingly funny and touching, with moments that make you laugh and cry. The chemistry between the leads is incredible, and the supporting cast feels integral to the story. I can’t give this series anything less than a 10 for its unique blend of humor, sincerity, romance, and action.

3. Pretty Man

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Pretty Man tells the story of Qiao An Hao and Lu Jin Nian, whose lives intertwine in an intricate dance of love and destiny. Five years ago, Qiao An Hao was an ugly duckling with a crush on Lu Jin Nian, while he saw her as a white lotus in his heart. Five years later, Qiao An Hao becomes the bride of Lu Jin Nian, a name that spells perfection. Their relationship begins as an alliance between their families, but it gradually transforms as they confront their past and navigate their present feelings.

4. Intense Love

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Intense Love is about a genius doctor and an actress who initially reject their parents’ attempts to arrange their marriage but later realize they are destined to be together. Su Jin Bei is a rising star with a beauty that can rival the gods, but she is also a magnet for controversy. Despite her growing popularity, she remains single. Zhou Shi Yun is a perfectionist doctor with looks, money, and intelligence. Though indifferent to many things, he finds himself drawn to Jin Bei, leading to a romance where the actress takes the lead.

5. Praomook

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In Praomook, the protagonists Praomook and Chalunthorn are temporarily married as part of a superstitious ritual to ward off bad luck. Praomook has always been seen as a nuisance by Chalunthorn, but she has loved him since childhood. Years later, they meet again, and their fake marriage to avert misfortune turns into a game of love and hate. As they navigate through their feelings, they also face external threats that test their bond.

6. Princess Hours

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Set in a fictional country, Princess Hours follows the story of Crown Prince Lee Shin, who must marry Shin Chae Kyung due to a promise made between their families. Initially resistant, both characters slowly fall for each other as they spend more time together. The drama intensifies with the presence of Lee Shin’s first love and palace politics, adding complexity to their budding romance.

7. She Is the One

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In She Is the One, the protagonist agrees to marry a wealthy heir she has never met, posing as her sister to cover up her sibling’s mistake. Initially filled with misunderstandings and reluctance, the characters gradually develop a deep and genuine connection as they discover each other’s true selves.

If you know of more K-dramas with arranged marriages that should be on this list, comment below! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share this with your friends who are also on the lookout for K-dramas with this delightful trope. Happy watching!

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