Behind the Scenes: 7 Last Filming Moments for the Cast and Crew of Missing Crown Prince

Take a peek into the emotional final days of filming Missing Crown Prince, where the cast and crew share touching farewells and heartfelt memories.
Behind The Scenes: 7 Last Filming Moments For The Cast And Crew Of Missing Crown Prince

Missing Crown Prince officially wrapped up on Sunday, June 16, 2024. The twenty-episode drama has been a hit among fans, praised for its satisfying and realistic ending. As the final episode aired, the cast and crew took to their personal Instagram accounts to share their gratitude and last moments on set. Let’s take a closer look at these heartfelt and memorable final filming moments.

1. Real-Life Friendships Amid On-Screen Rivalries

Even though their characters were enemies on-screen, Yi Gun (played by EXO’s Suho) and Min Soo Ryeon (portrayed by Myung Se Bin) proved to be close friends in real life. The duo shared touching behind-the-scenes photos, showing their strong bond despite their intense on-screen confrontations. This glimpse into their friendship added an extra layer of depth to their performances, making their on-screen rivalry even more compelling.

Yi Gun And Min Soo Ryeon

(Instagram: Seoljin_Kim) 

2. Close-Knit Cast and Crew

One of the standout aspects of Missing Crown Prince was the visible camaraderie among the cast and crew. Fans were delighted to see photos and videos of the team sharing laughs and creating lasting memories on set. This close-knit environment undoubtedly contributed to the drama’s success, as the chemistry between characters felt genuine and heartfelt.

Close-Knit Cast And Crew

(Instagram: Kimjuncotton) 

3. Tokens of Appreciation

During the final shoot, the cast received bouquets of flowers from the crew as a token of appreciation. This gesture highlighted the mutual respect and admiration between the team, emphasizing the collaborative effort that brought Missing Crown Prince to life.

Bouquet Of Flowers

(Instagram: Kimjuncotton) 

4. Happy Surprises and Shared Moments

Seo Jae Woo, who is in the same agency as Hong Ye Ji, looked genuinely happy when he received a surprise during the final shoot. These shared moments of joy and surprise helped to cement the strong bonds formed over the six-month filming process.

Seo Jae Woo And Hong Ye Ji

(Instagram: Bigwhale.official) 

5. Unforgettable Chemistry

The chemistry between Suho and Hong Ye Ji was one of the drama’s highlights. Their on-screen relationship was so convincing that fans couldn’t help but root for them. Their genuine connection off-screen only added to the excitement and depth of their characters.

Suho And Hong Ye Ji

(Instagram: Kimjuncotton) 

6. Suho’s Heartfelt Farewell

In his farewell post, Suho expressed his happiness and gratitude for being part of Missing Crown Prince. He thanked the extraordinary team he worked with and shared his joy of the six-month filming journey. His words reflected the shared sentiment among the cast and crew, marking the end of a memorable chapter.

Suho'S Farewell

(Instagram: Kimjuncotton) 

7. Hong Ye Ji’s Appreciation

Hong Ye Ji also took to Instagram to thank the crew and audience for their support. Her heartfelt message resonated with fans, who appreciated her dedication and the effort she put into her role. This kind of interaction between actors and fans helps to build a loyal and engaged audience.

Hong Ye Ji'S Thanks

(Instagram: Bigwhale.official) 

A Satisfying Conclusion

Missing Crown Prince has been a drama to remember. The chemistry among the cast, the detailed storyline, and the genuine camaraderie among the crew made it a standout series. As fans, we can only hope for more such well-crafted dramas in the future. Did Missing Crown Prince live up to your expectations? Share your thoughts in the comments!

This article highlights the behind-the-scenes moments that made Missing Crown Prince special. It reflects the heartfelt and personal tone often found on DramaBeans, adding depth and context to the final filming moments.

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