Beautiful Audrey: A Heartfelt Korean Film and Its Broadcast Schedule

A heartfelt film about family dynamics, starring Park Ji Hoon and Kim Jung Nan.
Beautiful Audrey: A Heartfelt Korean Film And Its Broadcast Schedule

Get ready, film enthusiasts! Park Ji Hoon is making a comeback with his latest film, Beautiful Audrey. This touching story revolves around family life in modern society, exploring themes of love, sacrifice, and the challenges that come with caring for loved ones.

Synopsis of the Film Beautiful Audrey

Park Ji Hoon Portrait

Park Ji Hoon Portrait ( 

Beautiful Audrey delves into the life of Ki Hoon, a young man who runs a noodle restaurant with his mother in their hometown. Ki Hoon’s mother, played by the talented Kim Jung Nan, is battling Alzheimer’s disease, which adds a layer of complexity and conflict to their relationship. Despite the tension, the film beautifully portrays the deep love and sacrifices of a mother striving to protect her child.

The narrative also follows Kang Ji Eun, a character who distances herself from her family in pursuit of her dream to become an idol singer. Her story adds another dimension to the film, highlighting the pain and struggle of familial separation.

The portrayal of these intertwined lives promises to tug at the heartstrings of the audience, showcasing the highs and lows of familial bonds in a way that is both relatable and profoundly moving.

Star-Studded Cast

Kim Jung Nan Portrait

Kim Jung Nan Portrait ( 

The casting of Beautiful Audrey brings together some of the most anticipated actors in the industry. Park Ji Hoon takes on the role of Ki Hoon, while Kim Jung Nan plays his mother, Oh Mi Yeon. Their on-screen chemistry is highly anticipated, given their rising popularity and acting prowess.

Here’s a look at the main cast:

  • Park Ji Hoon as Ki Hoon
  • Kim Jung Nan as Oh Mi Yeon
  • Kim Bo Young as Kang Ji Eun
  • Oh Kyung Joo
  • Do Hyung
  • Kim Yi Kyung
  • Kim Ki Doo
  • Lee Pil Mo
  • Ha Shi Eun
  • Jeon Young Mi

The ensemble cast brings a wealth of talent and depth to the film, promising a compelling viewing experience.

Broadcast Schedule

Beautiful Audrey Movie Poster

Beautiful Audrey Movie Poster (Doc. My Drama List) 

Mark your calendars! Beautiful Audrey is set to hit South Korean cinemas in August 2024. While there is no confirmed date for its international release, including Indonesia, fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting further announcements. Keep an eye out for updates, as this film is sure to make waves in the global cinema scene.

Final Thoughts

In true DramaBeans fashion, Beautiful Audrey offers a slice of life that resonates deeply with its audience. The film’s exploration of family dynamics, coupled with stellar performances from its cast, makes it a must-watch. Whether you’re a fan of heartfelt dramas or just looking for a meaningful story, Beautiful Audrey is sure to leave a lasting impression. Don’t miss out on this touching cinematic journey!

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