BADVILLAIN Producer Affirms His Group Concept Is Not Copying Anyone

BADVILLAIN producer asserts originality amidst copycat claims, highlighting a four-year-old concept. Learn about their unique debut and the fan debate surrounding it.
Badvillain Producer Affirms His Group Concept Is Not Copying Anyone

In a recent wave of discussions among K-pop fans, the producer of the newly debuted group BADVILLAIN has stepped forward to address claims that the group’s concept is a copy of BABYMONSTER. These allegations emerged shortly after BADVILLAIN’s official debut on June 3, 2024.

Four Years in the Making: BADVILLAIN’s Unique Concept

Badvillain Producer Affirms His Group Concept Is Not Copying Anyone Source: Villian36 Instagram post (

BADVILLAIN’s producer, known as Villain36, took to Instagram on June 1, 2024, to post teasers for the group’s debut music video and address the ongoing controversy. In his post, he emphasized that BADVILLAIN’s concept was conceived four years ago, long before BABYMONSTER’s debut. According to Villain36, the name and logo for BADVILLAIN were created four years ago, showcasing the group’s originality and unique identity.

He wrote:

“They (the agency) want to create a group that can be a producer. What felt like a fleeting dream came true, and it was an honor to be with you. It will be more difficult to achieve your goals and dreams. The name and logo were created 4 years ago, and I guarantee this is a group that cannot be confused with anyone else. Seven members of an alien horror team who survived three difficult years. Loving and caring for his fans, and enjoying music. Happy! The name and logo BADVILLAIN were created 4 years ago.”

This statement aims to reassure fans that BADVILLAIN is not imitating BABYMONSTER but rather bringing a fresh, distinct concept to the K-pop scene.

Comparing BADVILLAIN and BABYMONSTER: Similarities and Differences

Badvillain Producer Affirms His Group Concept Is Not Copying Anyone Source: Portrait of BABYMONSTER members (, portrait of BADVILLAIN members (

Despite Villain36’s clarifications, some fans continue to see similarities between BADVILLAIN and BABYMONSTER. They point out resemblances in the group names, teaser styles, number of members, and logos. BABYMONSTER, a rookie group created by YG Entertainment, debuted with their single “Better Up” in November 2023 and followed up with an album titled BabyMons7er in April 2024.

The debate among fans highlights the competitive nature of the K-pop industry, where new groups often face scrutiny and comparison. While similarities might exist, it’s crucial to recognize the distinct journeys and creative processes behind each group.

BADVILLAIN’s Official Debut: Making Their Mark

Badvillain Producer Affirms His Group Concept Is Not Copying Anyone Source: Member BADVILLAIN (

BADVILLAIN made their debut with the release of their album OVERSTEP on June 3, 2024. The album features the title track “BADVILLAIN” and two B-side tracks, “+82” and “BADTITUDE.” Each member brings unique talents and backgrounds to the group: Emma is a choreographer and former contestant on Street Woman Fighter Season 1; Chloe Young has experience with 1MILLION Dance Studio; HU’E and Yunseo participated in MBC’s survival show My Teenage Girl; INA is the younger sister of Bomin from GOLDEN CHILD; and Kelly is known for her talent and visuals.

Villain36, the group’s producer, has a long history in the K-pop industry, previously known as MC Mong. His experience and vision have contributed to BADVILLAIN’s distinctive debut, capturing fans’ attention and sparking discussions across the K-pop community.

In my opinion, BADVILLAIN’s debut showcases their unique identity and talent. Despite the comparisons, their hard work and originality shine through, promising a bright future for the group. Have you listened to BADVILLAIN’s debut song yet? It’s worth giving it a try and forming your own opinion on this emerging group.

By addressing the controversy and highlighting the group’s individuality, BADVILLAIN sets a strong foundation for their journey in the K-pop world. Let’s support them as they continue to grow and bring their distinct style to the stage.

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