ADOR’s Response to Accusations of Wanting to Seize NewJeans from HYBE

Discover the drama unfolding between ADOR and HYBE over NewJeans. Accusations, responses, and controversy in the Korean entertainment industry.
Ador’S Response To Accusations Of Wanting To Seize Newjeans From Hybe

The South Korean entertainment industry has been stunned by the conflict between Min Hee Jin and HYBE. This time, HYBE Corporation accused Min Hee Jin of attempting to take control of NewJeans and force them to leave HYBE.

1. ADOR swiftly responded to these accusations.

Ador'S Answer To Accusations Of Wanting To Seize Newjeans From HybeNewJeans (

HYBE accused ADOR of unilaterally terminating NewJeans’ contract.

    • On Thursday (2/5/2023), South Korean media widely reported that ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin had asked to end NewJeans’ contract with the company without HYBE’s approval. Reportedly, Min Hee Jin had been eyeing NewJeans since early 2024.
    • It was explained that Min Hee Jin made this request alone as CEO, bypassing the usual directors’ meeting. HYBE also claimed it would be easier for Min Hee Jin to remove the artists and transfer them elsewhere.

2. ADOR’s official response to accusations of seizing NewJeans from HYBE.

Ador'S Answer To Accusations Of Wanting To Seize Newjeans From HybeNewJeans (
  • ADOR promptly reacted to the news. The agency overseeing NewJeans stated that Min Hee Jin sought to operate a more independent label.
  • “On January 25, 2024, Min Hee Jin met with HYBE CEO Park Ji Won, making several requests about important contracts, including artist exclusive contracts,” ADOR explained, as reported by Koreaboo.
  • ADOR emphasized, “Min Hee Jin made these requests to address unfair interference during NewJeans’ debut and to run a more independent label.”

3. ADOR accused HYBE of distorting facts.

Ador'S Answer To Accusations Of Wanting To Seize Newjeans From HybeHYBE and ADOR (doc. HYBE Labels)
  • ADOR also accused HYBE of distorting facts. According to ADOR, the request was sent to HYBE on February 16, 2024, through an edited shareholder contract.
  • “HYBE distorts the truth and starts a media war by selectively presenting facts. If they continue to publicize negotiations on shareholder contracts, we suggest reopening discussions with us,” ADOR stated.

The feud between these companies continues, dividing netizens into opposing camps. Let’s hope it doesn’t affect the artists.

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