Accidents Strike ‘Lang Jie 5’ Again: Wang Lin Hospitalized, Fans Concerned

Accidents rock 'Lang Jie 5' as Wang Lin joins the list of injured contestants. Fans express concern as the show faces unexpected challenges.
Accidents Strike ‘Lang Jie 5’ Again: Wang Lin Hospitalized, Fans Concerned
The popular Chinese variety show Lang Jie series, currently airing its fifth season titled “Chengfeng 2024,” has been rocked by another unfortunate incident. Wang Lin, known for her role as the villain in the Qiong Yao TV series “Love Is Deep and Rainy,” shocked fans when she shared a photo from her hospital bed on Weibo, hooked up to an intravenous drip.

Wang Lin’s unexpected hospitalization marks the third accident to hit the show recently. Prior to her, Wan Nida suffered a fall during rehearsal, resulting in a tailbone fracture. Shortly after, Nicole Zheng from the girl group KARA accidentally fell, injuring her chin and requiring stitches.

Wang Lin Suddenly Posted A Photo Of Herself In The Hospital With An Intravenous Drip. (Taken From Weibo)

In her Weibo post, Wang Lin reassured fans, stating, “Go to the factory for repairs, and we will fight again in a few days!” She disclosed that she was hospitalized due to severe migraine and vomiting, but expressed gratitude for the concern and promised to return stronger.

The incidents have sparked concern among viewers, with many expressing worry over the safety of the contestants. Despite the setbacks, the show must go on, and fans eagerly anticipate the return of Wang Lin and the continuation of Lang Jie 5‘s thrilling journey.

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