A Turning Point in The Tale of Rose: Huang Yimei’s Divorce Decision

In Episode 27 of The Tale of Rose, Huang Yimei bravely decides to divorce Fang Xiewen, highlighting her fight for freedom and personal respect.
A Turning Point In The Tale Of Rose: Huang Yimei’S Divorce Decision

In the gripping 27th episode of The Tale of Rose, the tension between Huang Yimei and Fang Xiewen reaches a breaking point. This episode is pivotal as it showcases Huang Yimei’s determination to seek a better life for herself, marking a significant turn in the narrative.

Fang Xiewen’s Attempt to Control

The episode begins with Fang Xiewen’s desperate attempt to secure his family by having a second child. Believing that more children would bind Huang Yimei to the family, he strongly opposes her efforts to find a job after not receiving an acceptance from an international school. Despite Huang Yimei’s assurance that she has enough money, Fang Xiewen’s refusal to support her ambitions only exacerbates the tension between them.

Unable to tolerate his persistent objections, Huang Yimei retreats to the study to sleep, signaling the growing distance in their relationship. In a phone call with Huang Zhenhua, she learns that he and Su Gengsheng never officially registered their marriage, adding to her anxiety. This revelation prompts her to prepare for a trip back to Beijing, hoping to ensure her family’s stability.

However, Fang Xiewen’s reaction to her plans is far from supportive. He vehemently opposes her leaving and even resorts to yelling over the phone. Frustrated, Huang Yimei disconnects the call and decides to return to Beijing with their child, Fang Taichu. Before leaving, she leaves a note for Fang Xiewen, who, upon discovering it, is enraged and immediately calls her, only to be met with silence as she has turned off her phone.

The Final Straw: Fang Xiewen’s Betrayal

Back in Shanghai, Huang Yimei faces another setback when she realizes that her job application has been tampered with. To her dismay, she learns that Fang Xiewen had interfered, causing the school to reject her application on the grounds of her supposed pregnancy. This act of betrayal is the final straw for Huang Yimei.

Upon confronting Fang Xiewen, she expresses her desire for a divorce. Fang Xiewen, however, refuses to accept her decision, accusing her of infidelity and arguing that she has failed to provide him with the traditional family life he desires. His refusal to grant the divorce and threat to deny her access to their child further cements Huang Yimei’s resolve to legally pursue the separation.

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