9 Instagram Accounts of Korean Drama Hierarchy Cast, Which One Have You Followed?

Follow the Instagram accounts of the young actors from Netflix's Hierarchy. See their real lives and behind-the-scenes moments from this thrilling new series.
9 Instagram Accounts Of Korean Drama Hierarchy Cast, Which One Have You Followed?

Hierarchy, a new Netflix original series, has captured the attention of many viewers since its release on June 7. With its mix of thriller, mystery, and high school romance, it’s no wonder people are talking about it. The show features a cast of rising young stars who bring the drama’s intrigue and controversy to life. For fans curious about the actors behind the characters, here’s a look at their Instagram accounts where you can follow their real-life adventures.

Meet the Cast on Instagram

1. Roh Jeong Eui (@jeongeuiyam)

Roh Jeong Eui plays Jong Jae Yi, the daughter of a conglomerate family in Hierarchy. Her Instagram account, @jeongeuiyam, offers a glimpse into her personal life and career. From behind-the-scenes moments to stylish photoshoots, Roh Jeong Eui’s feed is a blend of elegance and everyday charm.

Roh Jeong Eui

2. Lee Chae Min (@lcm____)

Portraying the mysterious transfer student Kang Ha, Lee Chae Min can be found on Instagram under the handle @lcm____. His account features a mix of professional shots and candid moments, reflecting his versatile persona both on and off the screen.

Lee Chae Min

Dive Deeper into Their Social Media

3. Kim Jae Won (@rlawodnjs_)

Kim Jae Won, who takes on the role of Kim Ri An, has an Instagram account with the unique username @rlawodnjs_. His posts are a combination of artistic photos and snapshots of his daily life, showcasing his multifaceted personality.

Kim Jae Won

4. Ji Hye Won (@haezy___)

Playing Yoon He Ra, Ji Hye Won is active on Instagram with the handle @haezy___. Her feed is filled with beautiful portraits and glimpses of her life, making it clear why she’s a favorite among fans.

Ji Hye Won

5. Lee Won Jung (@jung_or__)

Lee Won Jung, known for his role as Lee Woo Jin, brings a mix of cuteness and cool vibes to his Instagram account @jung_or__. His posts range from playful selfies to fashionable pictures, offering fans a well-rounded look at his life.

Lee Won Jung

6. Kim Tae Jung (@ktj_tsmds)

Kim Tae Jung, who portrays Choi Yoon Seok, has an Instagram account @ktj_tsmds that radiates a boyfriend-able vibe. His charming posts and relaxed style make his account a must-follow for fans.

Kim Tae Jung

7. Ryu Ba Da (Pyo Young Seo) (@py0_0seo)

Ryu Ba Da, playing Pyo Young Seo, is on Instagram as @py0_0seo. Her posts exude girl crush vibes, filled with confidence and contemporary style that resonate well with her followers.

Ryu Ba Da

8. Kwon Eun Bin (@superb_ean)

Kwon Eun Bin, who takes on the role of Ye Ji, shares her aesthetic portraits on Instagram under the username @superb_ean. Her feed is a blend of artistry and everyday beauty, capturing the essence of her character and personal flair.

Kwon Eun Bin

9. Seo Bum June (@seo_bumjune)

Seo Bum June, who plays Nam Joo Won, often shares handsome and cute photos on his Instagram account @seo_bumjune. His posts reflect his approachable and charming personality, both on and off the screen.

Seo Bum June

Final Thoughts

Of these nine Instagram accounts, which ones have you followed? The Hierarchy stars are quite active on social media, sharing posts that reflect their contemporary style typical of Gen Z. Their real-life personas are just as captivating as their characters in the drama, making them well worth following for any fan of the show.

If you’re a fan of Hierarchy and want to stay connected with your favorite actors, these Instagram accounts are the perfect way to get a closer look at their lives beyond the screen.

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