8 Recommended Korean Dramas That Tell the Story of a Mother’s Struggle

Touching stories of mothers' struggles in these must-watch Korean dramas.
8 Recommended Korean Dramas That Tell The Story Of A Mother’S Struggle

Korean dramas are known for their compelling storylines and emotional depth. They often explore themes that resonate deeply with viewers, such as the powerful and touching journeys of mothers. Here are eight Korean dramas that beautifully portray the struggles and sacrifices of mothers, each one guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings.

The Power of a Mother’s Love

1. Angry Mom (2015)

Angry Mom Kdrama Poster

Image Source: Instagram.com/Lovely.katie.k 

Episodes: 16

  • Kim Hee-sun as Jo Kang-ja
  • Kim Yoo-jung as Oh Ah-ran
  • Ji Hyun-woo as Park No-ah
  • Ji Soo as Go Bok-dong

Where to Watch: Viki, Amazon Prime Video

Angry Mom is a comedy-drama that follows Jo Kang Ja, a mother who takes extreme measures to protect her daughter from bullying at school. Disguising herself as a high school student, Jo Kang Ja adopts a new identity, Jo Bang Wool, to infiltrate the school and uncover the truth behind her daughter’s friend Jin Yi Kyeong’s tragic death. This drama highlights the lengths a mother will go to ensure her child’s safety and justice​​.

2. Mother (2018)

Kdrama Mother Poster

Image Source: Doc.tving/Mother 

Episodes: 16

  • Lee Bo-young as Kang Soo-jin
  • Heo Yool as Kim Hye-na
  • Lee Hye-young as Cha Young-shin

Where to Watch: Netflix

In the thriller-melodrama Mother, Kang Soo Jin discovers her student, Kim Hye Na, suffering from abuse at home. Despite not being related by blood, Soo Jin decides to become Hye Na’s protector and surrogate mother. She faces numerous obstacles, including a complicated legal battle and the child’s biological parents. This drama showcases the profound impact of a mother’s love, regardless of biological ties.

Sacrifices and Resilience

3. A Pledge to God (2018)

Kdrama A Pledge To God Poster

Image Source: Doc.mbc/A Pledge To God 

Episodes: 48

  • Han Chae-young as Seo Ji-young
  • Bae Soo-bin as Kim Jae-wook
  • Oh Yoon-ah as Woo Na-kyung

Where to Watch: Viki

A Pledge to God tells the heart-wrenching story of Seo Ji Young, a mother desperate to save her son Kim Hyun Woo from leukemia. When traditional donor options fail, she faces the difficult decision of potentially having another child with her ex-husband to save her son. This melodrama delves into the moral and emotional complexities of parental sacrifice.

4. When the Camellia Blooms (2019)

Kdrama When The Camellia Blooms Poster

Image Source: Doc.kbs/When The Camellia Blooms 

Episodes: 20

  • Gong Hyo-jin as Oh Dong-baek
  • Kang Ha-neul as Hwang Yong-sik
  • Kim Ji-seok as Kang Jong-ryul

Where to Watch: Netflix

This rom-com drama follows single mother Oh Dong Baek as she moves to a small village and opens a cafe. Despite facing societal stigma and gossip, Dong Baek remains determined to provide a happy life for her son. Her story is intertwined with a local police officer’s affection and a mysterious serial killer targeting the village. When the Camellia Blooms is a testament to a mother’s resilience and courage.

5. Hi Bye, Mama! (2020)

Kdrama Poster Hi, Bye Mama!

Image Source: Doc.tving/Hi, Bye Mama! 

Episodes: 16

  • Kim Tae-hee as Cha Yu-ri
  • Lee Kyu-hyung as Jo Kang-hwa
  • Go Bo-gyeol as Oh Min-jung

Where to Watch: Netflix

In the fantasy drama Hi Bye, Mama!, Cha Yu Ri is given a second chance to reunite with her daughter after dying in an accident. Granted 49 days to return to life, she faces the reality of her husband remarrying and the challenge of expressing her love to her child. This drama beautifully portrays the undying bond between a mother and her child, even beyond the grave.

6. Birthcare Center (2020)

Kdrama Birthcare Center Poster

Image Source: Doc.tving/Birthcare Center 

Episodes: 8

  • Uhm Ji-won as Oh Hyun-jin
  • Park Ha-sun as Jo Eun-jung
  • Jang Hye-jin as Choi Hye-sook

Where to Watch: Viki

Birthcare Center explores the journey of Oh Hyun Jin, a career woman who struggles with the challenges of motherhood. After giving birth, she joins a birth care center where she learns the ropes of parenting from other experienced mothers. This melodrama highlights the struggles and growth of new mothers as they navigate the early stages of parenthood.

7. Green Mother’s Club (2022)

Kdrama Green Mothers' Club Poster

Image Source: Instagram.com/Jtbcdrama 

Episodes: 16

  • Lee Yo-won as Eun-pyo
  • Choo Ja-hyun as Chun-hee
  • Kim Gyu-ri as Jin-ha

Where to Watch: Netflix

Green Mother’s Club centers on a group of mothers who bond over their children’s school activities. Each mother faces unique challenges and the drama delves into their personal lives and parenting styles. This melodrama captures the essence of motherhood, friendship, and the competitive nature of parenting.

8. Under the Queen’s Umbrella (2022)

Kdrama Under The Queen'S Umbrella Poster

Image Source: Instagram.com/Hs_Kim_95 

Episodes: 16

  • Kim Hye-soo as Queen Im Hwa-ryeong
  • Moon Sang-min as Grand Prince Seongnam
  • Bae In-hyuk as Crown Prince

Where to Watch: Netflix

Under the Queen’s Umbrella tells the story of Queen Im Hwa Ryeong and her struggle to educate her children, who are labeled as troublemakers. Despite her emotional and often fiery nature, she strives to transform her children into responsible and capable individuals. This drama portrays the unwavering dedication and strength of a mother’s love.

These dramas not only entertain but also highlight the incredible resilience and sacrifice of mothers. They remind us of the profound impact a mother’s love can have on her children’s lives. So, grab some tissues and immerse yourself in these heartfelt stories.

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