8 Plot Twists in the Early Episodes of Korean Drama Red Swan, Shocking!

Shocking plot twists in Red Swan with Kim Ha Neul and Rain will leave you speechless.
8 Plot Twists In The Early Episodes Of Korean Drama Red Swan, Shocking!

Red Swan is the latest Korean drama starring Kim Ha Neul and Rain, which began airing on Wednesday, July 3, 2024. The story centers on a former professional golfer who is now the wife of a conglomerate. Her life takes a dramatic turn with the arrival of her new bodyguard, who has hidden intentions. This sets the stage for a thrilling journey as she uncovers the dark secrets of her husband’s family.

Combining action and makjang (a genre known for its over-the-top storylines), Red Swan has already delivered a series of shocking plot twists in its early episodes. Let’s dive into the jaw-dropping twists from episodes 1 and 2. Beware, spoilers ahead!

The Mysterious Deaths

1. The Real Reason Behind Seo Do Yoon’s Investigation

Seo Do Yoon, played by Rain, is determined to uncover the truth behind his friend’s death. The twist? His best friend had selflessly donated a kidney to him, making this quest deeply personal. This revelation adds an emotional layer to Do Yoon’s relentless pursuit of justice.

Rain In Red Swan

2. A Connection to the Hwain Family Secret

The death of Do Yoon’s best friend is not a standalone incident. It is linked to the dark secrets of the Hwain family, suggesting that the same mastermind might be behind the murder of Honorary Chairman Kim. This twist intricately weaves the personal vendetta into a larger conspiracy.

Rain In Red Swan

3. A Third Unexplained Murder

As if two murders weren’t enough, a third mysterious death occurs within the Hwain family home. This deepens the intrigue, hinting at a potential serial killer or a deep-seated family curse.

Red Swan Drama Poster

Complex Family Dynamics

4. Oh Wan Soo’s Unusual Destiny

Oh Wan Soo, portrayed by Kim Ha Neul, has a unique and complicated connection to the Hwain family. Her future mother-in-law once fired Wan Soo’s mother, who was a caddy. This historical enmity sets the stage for the present-day drama and conflicts.

Kim Ha Neul In Red Swan

5. A Toxic Transformation

Oh Wan Soo’s mother initially supported her career in golf, but things took a dark turn. She became toxic and addicted to gambling, which strained their relationship and added more depth to Wan Soo’s character.

Kim Ha Neul In Red Swan

6. A Heartbreaking Loss

Wan Soo had a son who tragically died, leaving her devastated. The cause of his death remains a mystery, adding another layer of suspense and sorrow to the storyline.

Kim Ha Neul In Red Swan

7. A Hidden Affair

Kim Yong Kook, played by Jung Gyu Woon, appears to be a loving husband, but in reality, he has been having an affair with Oh Wan Soo’s friend, Jang Tae Ra. This betrayal adds another layer of complexity to the already intricate plot.

Jung Gyu Woon And Ki Eun Se In Red Swan

8. Silent Suffering

Perhaps the most shocking twist is that Oh Wan Soo knew about her husband’s affair all along. Despite the betrayal, she chose to stay silent and not pursue a divorce, revealing her inner strength and resilience.

Kim Ha Neul In Red Swan

These plot twists in the first two episodes of Red Swan make the drama incredibly promising. The combination of action, mystery, and deep family secrets hooks the audience right from the start. Are you a loyal viewer of this revenge and conglomerate-themed drama? If not, these twists might just pull you in!

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