8 Interesting Facts about Jang Ki Yong Revealed at Hyell’s Club

In the latest episode of Hyell's Club, Jang Ki Yong joins Lee Hyeri for a nostalgic reunion. Tune in to learn about his new drama and surprising personal facts!
8 Interesting Facts About Jang Ki Yong Revealed At Hyell’S Club

In the latest episode of Hyell’s Club, which aired on May 17, 2024, Jang Ki Yong made a special guest appearance. The episode was hosted by Lee Hyeri, marking a reunion for the two who previously starred together in the popular Korean drama My Roommate is a Gumiho.

The episode wasn’t just about a nostalgic reunion. Jang Ki Yong also promoted his newest drama, The Atypical Family. Their warm and friendly conversation revealed some interesting and surprising facts about the actor.

Jang Ki Yong: More Than Just a Tall Figure

  1. Tall Genes: Jang Ki Yong stands at an impressive 187 cm. He shared that his height is a genetic gift from his mother’s side of the family.
  2. First-Time Cocktail: During the show, Jang Ki Yong tried a cocktail for the first time. He usually prefers wine, soju, or beer.
  3. Dramatic Weight Loss: For his role as Bok Gwi Ju in The Atypical Family, Jang Ki Yong had to lose 10 kg. His dedication to portraying a character dealing with depression is truly commendable.
  4. Post-Military Jitters: After completing his military service, Jang Ki Yong felt nervous about returning to filming. He even sought advice from his fellow actor, Woo Do Hwan, to ease his transition back into the industry.
  5. Upcoming Fan Meeting: Exciting news for fans—Jang Ki Yong is planning a fan meeting in 2024, his first since 2019.
  6. Favorite Food: Jang Ki Yong loves stir-fried pork so much that he can eat it more than once a day. His passion for this dish is undeniable!
  7. Healthy Lifestyle: He once had the habit of eating six meals a day but balances it out with regular exercise, including gym workouts, hiking, and aerobics.
  8. Ping Pong Pro: Jang Ki Yong is quite skilled at table tennis. During middle school, he often beat his opponents with ease.
8 Interesting Facts About Jang Ki Yong Revealed At Hyell'S Club

The episode also highlighted the deep friendship between Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri. They first met in 2014 while working on the Korean drama Schoolgirl Detectives. Having known each other for a decade, their easy camaraderie was evident as they shared laughs and jokes.

Jang Ki Yong encouraged viewers to watch The Atypical Family, teasing that episodes 9 and 10 will feature particularly sweet and melancholic scenes. If you’re a fan of touching drama, you definitely won’t want to miss it!

Jang Ki Yong At Hyell'S Club Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri at Hyell’s Club (youtube.com/@IamLeeHyeri)

Watching the episode was a delightful experience. Seeing the genuine connection between Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri was heartwarming. It’s always fascinating to learn new things about our favorite stars, and this episode didn’t disappoint. Jang Ki Yong’s humility and dedication to his craft are truly inspiring. If you haven’t checked out Hyell’s Club yet, I highly recommend it! And don’t forget to catch The Atypical Family for some heart-tugging moments.

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