8 Fascinating Facts About Family by Choice, the Chinese Drama Remake

Heartwarming Korean drama remake about friendship and family bonds.
8 Fascinating Facts About Family By Choice, The Chinese Drama Remake

Family by Choice is the latest drama remake from China’s Go Ahead (2020). This remake, from the Bamboo Curtain Country, dives into family drama deeply connected to real life. The original Go Ahead tells the story of three friends, Li Jian Jian (Seven Tan), Ling Xiao (Song Weilong), and He Zi Qiu (Steven Zhang), who grow up together and share both their joys and sorrows. Their bond is so strong that they call themselves family, even without any blood ties. The Korean version, Family by Choice, stars Hwang In Yeop, Jung Chae Yeon, and Bae Hyun Sung. The chemistry among the trio is anticipated to bring the same success as the original drama.

Before diving into their on-screen performances, let’s explore eight fascinating facts about Family by Choice.

1. Hwang In Yeop as Kim San Ha

In Family by Choice, Hwang In Yeop plays Kim San Ha, the Korean counterpart of Ling Xiao. Known for his dashing looks and charm, Kim San Ha’s presence lights up the screen, mirroring the character’s joyful and supportive nature. His bond with his two best friends is a central element of the story, showcasing the depth of their friendship.

Hwang In Yeop In The Drama Family By Choice

2. Kim San Ha’s Happy Facade

Kim San Ha is portrayed as a handsome man who seems to have it all. His cheerful demeanor is infectious, and his happiness is amplified by the presence of his best friends. However, beneath this happy facade lies a complex character shaped by personal challenges and family dynamics.

Hwang In Yeop In The Drama Family By Choice

3. A Single Father’s Love

Kim San Ha’s father, Kim Dae Wook (Choi Moo Sung), is a dedicated police officer who raised his son alone after separating from his mother. This single-parent dynamic adds a layer of emotional depth to Kim San Ha’s character, highlighting the struggles and triumphs of their small family unit.

Choi Moo Seong In Korean Drama Family By Choice

4. Jung Chae Yeon as Yoon Joo Won

The Korean version of Lee Jian Jian is named Yoon Joo Won, played by actress and former DIA member, Jung Chae Yeon. Yoon Joo Won’s gentle and warm-hearted personality endears her to her friends, who see her as the youngest sibling in their makeshift family. Her character is expected to bring a refreshing energy to the show.

Jung Chae Yeon In Family By Choice

5. The Warm-Hearted Yoon Joo Won

Yoon Joo Won’s warm-hearted personality is a reflection of her father, Yoon Jeong Jae (Choi Won Young), who owns a kalguksu restaurant. Known for his high empathy, Yoon Jeong Jae’s influence is evident in Yoon Joo Won’s caring nature, making her a beloved character among her friends.

Cast Of The Korean Drama Family By Choice

6. Yoon Joo Won’s Family Background

Yoon Joo Won inherits her personality from her father, Yoon Jeong Jae, a kind-hearted restaurant owner. His high empathy and caring nature influence Yoon Joo Won, making her a central figure in their friendship.

Choi Won Young In Family By Choice

7. Bae Hyun Sung as Kang Hae Joon

Bae Hyun Sung takes on the role of Kang Hae Joon, the Korean version of He Zi Qiu. Kang Hae Joon is cared for by Yoon Joo Won’s father after his mother leaves him, adding another layer of complexity to the family dynamics within the drama.

Bae Hyun Sung In Family By Choice

8. Basketball as a Bonding Activity

Kang Hae Joon took up basketball as a way to repay his father figure, Yoon Jeong Jae, for loving him like his own child. This sport becomes a significant part of his life, symbolizing his gratitude and the deep bond within their makeshift family.

Cast Of Family By Choice

Their friendship undergoes a major conflict when Kim San Ha leaves his two best friends and returns after 10 years. The family relationship they built will be colored by teenage romance, revealing more depth as they grow up. Family by Choice is set to air in the second half of 2024 on JTBC and will also be available on the OTT platform VIU. Don’t forget to watch!

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