7 Wise Decisions of Dosung in the Ending of Missing Crown Prince

Dosung's evolution in Missing Crown Prince highlights his bravery and wisdom. Discover his 7 key decisions that defined the series finale.
7 Wise Decisions Of Dosung In The Ending Of Missing Crown Prince

Missing Crown Prince is a Korean drama that has captivated audiences with its engaging storyline and complex characters. One of the most intriguing characters is Dosung, portrayed by Kim Min Kyu. Initially seen as a carefree and impulsive young prince, Dosung’s true bravery and sense of responsibility shine through in the series finale. Here, we explore seven wise decisions Dosung made in the ending of Missing Crown Prince that highlight his growth and maturity.

Standing Strong Against Threats

Dosung Standing Strong

In a pivotal moment, Choi Sang Rok (Kim Ju Hoon) tries to manipulate Dosung by threatening his mother’s safety. Dosung, however, remains steadfast and refuses to let his emotions take over. This decision shows his ability to stay calm under pressure and prioritize the greater good over his personal fears.

Persuading His Grandfather

Dosung Persuading His Grandfather

Despite the turmoil, Dosung does not abandon his family duties. He persuades his grandfather, Yoon Ye Gyeom (Cha Kwang Soo), to surrender and accept his punishment. This act demonstrates Dosung’s respect for justice and his commitment to restoring peace, even when it involves his own family.

Trusting Yi Gun’s Plan

Dosung Trusting Yi Gun'S Plan

Dosung’s unwavering faith in Yi Gun’s (EXO’s Suho) plan is crucial. He pretends to be furious after being expelled by his older brother and the Queen (Yoo Se Rye) to deceive the rebels. This act of trust and collaboration highlights Dosung’s strategic thinking and loyalty.

Upholding Justice

Dosung Upholding Justice

Dosung proves his dedication to justice by supporting the punishment of his own grandfather. This tough but necessary decision underscores his belief in fairness and the rule of law, reinforcing his transformation from a naive prince to a wise leader.

Relying on Yi Gun’s Promise

Dosung Relying On Yi Gun'S Promise

Choi Myung Yoon (Hong Ye Ji) is detained to pressure Dosung, but he remains confident in Yi Gun’s promise to protect her. This trust in his ally not only strengthens their bond but also showcases Dosung’s ability to remain hopeful and resilient in dire situations.

Sacrificing for the Greater Good

Dosung Sacrificing For The Greater Good

One of Dosung’s most significant and heartbreaking decisions is giving up Myung Yoon for the sake of his brother. This sacrifice marks a pivotal moment in his character arc, illustrating his willingness to endure personal pain for the benefit of others.

Respecting His Family’s Decisions

Dosung Respecting His Family'S Decisions

Although he never aspired to be king, Dosung respects his father and brother’s decision to step down from the throne. He steps up and tries his best to fulfill his new responsibilities, showing his dedication to his family and his kingdom.

Dosung’s character development in Missing Crown Prince is profound. From an impulsive young man to a wise and mature leader, his journey is a testament to the power of guidance and personal growth. Each decision he makes in the finale not only highlights his transformation but also reinforces the show’s themes of loyalty, justice, and sacrifice.

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