7 Viewers’ Expectations for “Crash” Ending: TCI Team Promoted

As "Crash" nears its finale, fans eagerly await the resolution of intense conflicts. Here are the top 7 expectations for a gratifying ending that viewers are hoping for.
7 Viewers’ Expectations For “Crash” Ending: Tci Team Promoted

As we near the end of the drama Crashes, the tension is at an all-time high. The TCI Team (Traffic Crime Investigation), composed of Jung Chae Man (Heo Sung Tae), Cha Yeon Ho (Lee Min Ki), Min So Hee (Kwak Sun Young), Woo Dong Ki (Lee Ho Cheol), and Eo Hyun Kyung (Moon Hee), faces significant challenges from Pyo Myung Hak (Heo Jung Do) and Lee Tae Ju (Oh Eui Sik). These two antagonists have been consistently obstructing the TCI team’s efforts.

In a preview of the upcoming episode, Pyo Myung Hak’s son, Pyo Jung Wook (Kang Ki Doong), who has been imprisoned, appears confident after hearing the judge’s decision. For context, Pyo Jung Wook was involved in a hit-and-run incident 10 years ago, which also affected Cha Yeon Ho. Jung Chae Man, who was handling the case, faced temporary discipline.

To add to the drama, Pyo Jung Wook recently attacked Min So Hee’s father, leaving him critically injured. Despite these unresolved issues, fans of Crashes are eagerly hoping for a happy ending. Here are seven expectations viewers have for the series finale.

1. Han Kyung Soo Provides Crucial Testimony

Fans hope that Han Kyung Soo (Han Sang Jo), a witness from the accident 10 years ago, can finally provide his testimony without any hindrance. His information could be pivotal in bringing justice to the victims and wrapping up the case neatly.

Han Kyung Soo (Han Sang Jo) In The Drama Crash

2. Pyo Myung Hak Faces Consequences

Pyo Myung Hak, who has shielded his son from the repercussions of his actions for years, is expected to be removed from his position and imprisoned. This would serve as a satisfying turn of events for viewers who have been frustrated by his corruption and deceit.

Pyo Myung Hak (Heo Jung Do) In The Drama Crash

3. Pyo Jung Wook Receives Proper Punishment

Cha Yeon Ho is determined to find solid evidence to ensure that Pyo Jung Wook is rightfully punished for his crimes. Fans are rooting for justice to prevail, and for Pyo Jung Wook to face the full extent of the law.

Pyo Jung Wook (Kang Ki Doong) In The Drama Crash

4. Lee Tae Ju Changes His Ways

Lee Tae Ju, who has been an accomplice to Pyo Myung Hak, is beginning to show signs of regret. Viewers hope that he will completely turn over a new leaf and assist the TCI team, distancing himself from Pyo Myung Hak’s influence.

Lee Tae Ju (Oh Eui Sik) In The Drama Crash

5. Min So Hee’s Father Recovers

Amidst all the chaos, fans are also hoping for a miracle recovery for Min So Hee’s father, who is currently in critical condition. His return to daily activities would add a touch of relief and positivity to the otherwise intense narrative.

Min So Hee (Kwak Sun Young) In The Drama Crash

6. TCI Team Earns Recognition

For their unwavering dedication and hard work, the TCI team deserves to be recognized and rewarded. Viewers are looking forward to seeing them receive accolades and promotions for their relentless pursuit of justice.

Tci Team In The Drama Crash

7. TCI Team Gains Respect

Lastly, fans hope that the TCI team’s achievements will be recognized by other divisions within the police force. Providing them with a proper and adequate workspace would be a fitting acknowledgment of their efforts and success.

Tci Team In The Drama Crash

These seven hopes reflect the desires of Crashes fans for a satisfying and just conclusion to the drama. Viewers are eager to see each character receive their due karma. What will the ending of Crashes be like? Don’t miss the final episode next week!

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