7 Reasons Why Mi Jin Likes Ji Ung in Miss Night and Day: Protective!

Unveil the 7 reasons why Mi Jin falls for the protective Ji Ung.
7 Reasons Why Mi Jin Likes Ji Ung In Miss Night And Day: Protective!

In the drama Miss Night and Day, fate brings Lee Mi Jin (Jung Eun Ji) and Gye Ji Ung (Choi Jin Hyuk) together through an unexpected event. Thanks to their intense encounter, Lee Mi Jin slowly falls in love with this prosecutor. Interestingly, the feeling of love only started to grow after Lee Mi Jin transformed into Im Sun (Lee Jung Eun) and began working with Gye Ji Ung. So, what are the reasons that made Lee Mi Jin like Gye Ji Ung in Miss Night and Day? Read the summary below!

Gye Ji Ung’s Constant Protection

Heroic Rescues

Gye Ji Ung Always Appears To Save Lee Mi Jin When She Is In Danger.

Whether in the form of Im Sun or himself, Gye Ji Ung always appears to save Lee Mi Jin when she is in danger. This recurring theme throughout Miss Night and Day highlights his protective nature, making Mi Jin feel safe and cared for in his presence. His timely interventions are not just coincidental but also depict his deep concern for her safety.

Gentle Treatment

Gye Ji Ung Has Always Treated Lee Mi Jin Gently Since The First Time They Met.

In contrast to his initial cold attitude towards Im Sun, Gye Ji Ung has always treated Lee Mi Jin gently since the first time they met. This significant difference in behavior shows his special regard for Mi Jin, indicating that he sees her differently from others. His gentle demeanor towards her is a clear sign of his growing affection.

Acts of Kindness and Attention

Thoughtful Gestures

Gye Ji Ung Gives Her A New Pair Of Earphones.

When one of Lee Mi Jin’s earphones goes missing at Im Sun’s workplace, Gye Ji Ung gives her a new pair, making her blush. This small yet thoughtful gesture demonstrates his attention to her needs and his willingness to go out of his way to make her happy. These little acts of kindness build a strong emotional connection between them.

Impressive Work Ethic

Gye Ji Ung'S Disciplined And Firm Attitude Towards Work Is Attractive.

In addition to his work as a prosecutor, Gye Ji Ung’s disciplined and firm attitude towards work is also an attraction in Lee Mi Jin’s eyes. His dedication to his job and his strong moral compass make him an admirable figure. Mi Jin is drawn to his professionalism and the sense of justice he embodies.

Protective Nature

Gye Ji Ung Is Very Protective Of Lee Mi Jin'S Safety.

Even though they don’t have a close relationship, Lee Mi Jin begins to realize that from the start, Gye Ji Ung is very protective of her safety. This consistent care and concern make her feel valued and secure, which is a strong reason for her growing feelings towards him.

Attention to Personal Needs

Gye Ji Ung Pays Close Attention To All Of Lee Mi Jin'S Personal Needs.

Not only is he protective, Gye Ji Ung also pays close attention to all of Lee Mi Jin’s personal needs and comfort when they are together. This attentiveness shows his caring nature and his desire to ensure her well-being, further deepening her affection for him.

Keeping Secrets

Gye Ji Ung Keeps All The Secrets That Lee Mi Jin Hides From Her Parents.

Even though it’s trivial, Gye Ji Ung also touches Lee Mi Jin because he can keep all the secrets that Lee Mi Jin hides from her parents. This quality of being trustworthy and discreet is rare and highly valued by Mi Jin, adding another layer to her admiration for him.

Even though all of Gye Ji Ung’s sweet actions make her heart flutter, Lee Mi Jin feels unworthy to be with the prosecutor. Will they become a couple? Watch the continuation of their story in Miss Night and Day to find out!

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