7 Portraits of Park I Yul Before Joining Possessed Love, Like an Idol Predebut

Catch a glimpse of Park I Yul's idol-like pre-debut photos and talents before Possessed Love.
7 Portraits Of Park I Yul Before Joining Possessed Love, Like An Idol Predebut

Park I Yul, one of the cast members of the dating show Possessed Love (2024), has recently become a hot topic. After episode 3 aired, viewers were captivated by his assertive approach in pursuing Choi Han Na, even showing empathy and support for his fellow participants.

Besides his strong personality, Park I Yul, the owner of the Golden Horse Saju, is also recognized for his diverse talents. Unlike other participants who seem overly concerned with their god’s opinions, Park I Yul maintains a relaxed demeanor and lives his days in the Possessed House without seeking constant divine guidance.

Recently, several photos of Park I Yul before he joined Possessed Love have surfaced, causing fans to compare him to a KPop idol with pre-debut photos. Let’s take a closer look at some of these intriguing snapshots!

Park I Yul’s Early Days as a Shaman

The first photo clip that caught everyone’s attention actually appeared on Possessed Love (2024). Park I Yul started his career as a shaman four years ago, showcasing his spiritual journey. This image gives us a glimpse into his early days and the beginning of his unique path.

Park I Yul As A Shaman

Park I Yul (Youtube.com/Hanul-Shaman) 

Recording Shamanic Spells

In another fascinating image, Park I Yul and other shamans are seen recording shamanic spells. This photo is often mistaken for a music recording session, but it’s all about capturing the essence of their spiritual chants. This snapshot highlights Park I Yul’s dedication to his craft.

Recording Shamanic Spells

Park I Yul (Youtube.com/Hanul-Shaman) 

Multi-Talented Shaman

Park I Yul is not just a shaman; he is also skilled at playing the drums. On TikTok, many users have been talking about his impressive drumming skills and his distinct haircut, which adds to his idol-like aura.

Playing The Drums

Park I Yul (Youtube.com/Hanul-Shaman) 

Dancing with Ahjummas

In another light-hearted moment, Park I Yul is seen dancing in front of a group of ahjummas. His flexibility and joy in this activity show his playful side, making him even more endearing to fans.

Dancing With Ahjummas

Park I Yul (Youtube.com/Hanul-Shaman) 

Always in Black

On Possessed Love (2024), Park I Yul mentioned that he always wears black clothes because during exorcisms or when dealing with evil spirits, there is often blood involved. This practical choice also adds to his mysterious and powerful image.

Always In Black

Park I Yul (Tiktok.com/Ghanwking) 

Signature Hairstyle

Park I Yul has a distinctive hairstyle, often wearing bangs that cover his eyes. Fans have mixed feelings about his look on Possessed Love (2024), but it’s undeniable that his hairstyle contributes to his charismatic presence.

Signature Hairstyle

Park I Yul (Youtube.com/Hanul-Shaman) 

Random Moments

In a surprising and random moment, Park I Yul posed with garden produce. This photo adds a touch of humor and randomness to his digital footprint, making his public persona even more relatable and human.

With Garden Produce

Park I Yul (Tiktok.com/Ghanwking) 

Park I Yul continues to break the mold. Among the participants of Possessed Love, his digital presence is the most widespread on social media. Have you discovered any other interesting photos of him?

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3 days ago

Sad that you cut out the credit “@iyul_exorcist” (Iyul’s Moments) on all clips found & posted 1st by that account, but still kept the credits of other accounts (@ghawnking). Although these images & clips were all originally from 1 source (@Hanul shaman Youtube & Instagram)