7 Portraits of Dex in the Tarot Film, Becoming a Courier Who Faces Horrible Moments

Kim Jin Young, aka Dex, shines in Tarot as a courier facing eerie challenges. His debut in acting is marked by suspenseful moments and high praise.
7 Portraits Of Dex In The Tarot Film, Becoming A Courier Who Faces Horrible Moments

Kim Jin Young, better known as Dex, rose to fame after participating in the dating show Single’s Inferno 2 in 2022. Since then, Dex has expanded his presence in the entertainment industry, appearing in various films and variety shows. Now, he’s set to make his acting debut in the Korean drama Tarot, which first released as a film in cinemas showcasing three of its seven episodes. Let’s take a closer look at Dex’s journey in the film Tarot.

Dex’s Acting Debut

Dex Made His Acting Debut Using His Real Name, Kim Jin Young. He Is The Main Character In The Third Episode Of The Tarot Film Titled &Quot;Please Throw It Away&Quot;

Footage Of Dex In The Film Tarot (Instagram.com/Xplusu.series)

In Tarot, Dex takes on his first acting role under his real name, Kim Jin Young. He stars as the main character in the third episode titled “Please Throw It Away.” Despite being a newcomer to acting, Dex has already impressed both the director and his senior co-stars, Cho Yeo Jeong and Go Kyu Pil. This praise is a testament to his natural talent and dedication to the craft.

The Role of Dong In

As A Beginner, Dex Feels He Still Doesn'T Deserve To Be Called A Film Star. However, His Acting Was Praised By The Director And His Seniors, Cho Yeo Jeong And Go Kyu Pil

Footage Of Dex In The Film Tarot (Instagram.com/Xplusu.series) 

Dex plays the character Dong In, a courier who has earned the nickname “King of Shipping” due to his reputation in the delivery business. Dong In harbors ambitions of starting his own delivery company, a goal he’s been saving up for. However, his journey takes a dark turn when he receives a mysterious order to deliver goods from a subway station locker, only to find tarot cards instead.

The Role Played By Dex Is A Courier Named Dong In. He Is Already Famous In This Business Field And Has The Nickname As The King Of Shipping

Footage Of Dex In The Film Tarot (Instagram.com/Xplusu.series)


A Series of Unfortunate Events

Not Wanting To Continue Working For Other People, Dong In Has The Ambition To Set Up His Own Delivery Company With The Money He Has Collected

Footage Of Dex In The Film Tarot (Instagram.com/Xplusu.series)

As Dong In continues his work, he finds himself in a series of bizarre and frightening situations. From delivering goods in a residential area to receiving suspicious trash from a customer, each task leads him deeper into a web of mystery and danger. A terrible incident occurs after he handles the suspicious trash, leaving viewers to wonder how it all connects to the tarot cards he found earlier.

One Day, Dong In Received An Order To Deliver Goods From A Locker At A Subway Station. However, All He Found Were Mysterious Tarot Cards Dong In Then Appeared To Be In A Residential Area To Make A Delivery, But Instead Got The Task Of Throwing Away His Customer'S Trash A Terrible Incident Occurred After Dong In Received The Suspicious Trash. Does This Match The Tarot Cards He Got?


The Omnibus Format of Tarot

The film Tarot will be presented in an omnibus format, featuring three episodes that each tell a different story. Dex’s episode concludes the film, following the episodes featuring Cho Yeo Jeong and Go Kyu Pil. This unique format allows for a diverse range of narratives within the same overarching theme, making Tarot a compelling watch for fans of Korean drama.

In conclusion, Dex’s transition from reality TV star to actor in Tarot showcases his versatility and commitment to his career in the entertainment industry. His portrayal of Dong In, a courier facing increasingly horrifying challenges, adds a layer of suspense and intrigue to the film. As Tarot premieres on June 14, 2024, audiences will be eager to see how Dex navigates the dark twists and turns of his character’s story.

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