7 Popular Dramas by Jo Bo Ah: Latest Comeback with Kim Soo Hyun

Dive into Jo Bo Ah's top 7 dramas, featuring her newest dark comedy with Kim Soo Hyun. From school dramas to supernatural tales, Jo Bo Ah shines in every role!
7 Popular Dramas By Jo Bo Ah: Latest Comeback With Kim Soo Hyun

For those of you who love Korean dramas, Jo Bo Ah is a name you surely recognize. This talented South Korean actress has been gracing our screens since 2012 and has a knack for delivering captivating performances. With a career that spans over a decade, she has accumulated numerous prestigious awards, including the Popularity Actress Award at the 2015 KBS Drama Awards and the Netizen Award at the 2020 KBS Drama Awards.

Recently, Jo Bo Ah has been in the news again, this time for her upcoming drama with the renowned Kim Soo Hyun. Their new project, Knock Off, is a dark comedy that promises to be a hit. As we eagerly await this exciting release, let’s take a look at some of the popular dramas that have solidified Jo Bo Ah’s status as a top actress.

1. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

This drama centers around a school rock band and is filled with heartwarming stories of friendship and love. Jo Bo Ah’s role added a unique charm to the series, making it a must-watch for fans of school dramas and rock music.

Shut Up Flower Boy Band

2. Missing Noir M

In this thriller, Jo Bo Ah dives into the world of detectives handling unique and challenging cases. Her portrayal of complex emotions and determination keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Missing Noir M

3. My Strange Hero

Opposite Yoo Seung Ho, Jo Bo Ah plays a student from an elite school with many mysteries. Her character brings a blend of intrigue and innocence, contributing to the drama’s engaging storyline.

My Strange Hero

4. Tale of the Nine Tailed

Jo Bo Ah shines as a fearless supernatural show producer in this fantasy drama. Her character’s bravery and resourcefulness are highlights of the series, making it a favorite among fans of supernatural tales.

Tale Of The Nine Tailed

5. Military Prosecutor Doberman

This drama tells the story of two military prosecutors with opposing principles. Jo Bo Ah’s performance adds depth to the narrative, making it a compelling watch for those interested in military and legal dramas.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

6. Destined with You

Playing a third-class civil servant who inherits an ancient book of spells, Jo Bo Ah delivers a captivating performance in this fantasy drama. Her character’s journey is filled with mystery and magic, making it a delightful series to follow.

Destined With You

7. Knock Off

In her latest drama, Jo Bo Ah stars alongside Kim Soo Hyun as a customs officer and his first love. The anticipation for this dark comedy is high, and with Jo Bo Ah’s track record, it is bound to be another hit.

Knock Off

There is no doubt that Jo Bo Ah’s acting prowess brings life to every role she takes on. Her ability to captivate audiences with her performances is unparalleled, and with her upcoming project with Kim Soo Hyun, fans have much to look forward to. Don’t miss out on Knock Off; it’s sure to be another stellar addition to her impressive repertoire!

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