7 Plot Twists Towards the End of High School Return of a Gangster

Unveil the unexpected twists in High School Return of a Gangster. Kim Deuk Pal and Song Yi Heon must navigate false accusations and dark schemes in this thrilling drama finale.
7 Plot Twists Towards The End Of High School Return Of A Gangster

High School Return of a Gangster is a mini-drama with just eight episodes. As we approach the finale, this intriguing series is packed with unexpected twists that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The story revolves around Kim Deuk Pal (played by Lee Seo Jin), a gangster whose soul inhabits the body of a high school student named Song Yi Heon (Yoon Chan Young). The following are some shocking plot twists revealed in episodes 5 and 6. Beware, spoilers ahead!

The Dark Schemes of Lee Mi Kyung

Hwang Bo Ra In High School Return Of A Gangster


One of the major twists involves Lee Mi Kyung (Hwang Bo Ra), who harbors sinister intentions. She plans to kidnap Song Yi Heon’s mother and commit her to a mental hospital. Lee Mi Kyung goes to extreme lengths, giving the woman both alcohol and psychiatric drugs. This plot twist adds a layer of tension and drama, highlighting the lengths to which Lee Mi Kyung will go to achieve her goals.

Yoon Chan Young In High School Return Of A Gangster


Furthermore, Lee Mi Kyung’s ambition doesn’t stop there. She aims to move Song Yi Heon to a warmer country, notorious for frequent accidents, to seize his inheritance. This revelation adds another layer of complexity to her character, making her a formidable antagonist.

Unexpected Allies and Betrayals

Won Tae Min And Ko Dong Ok In High School Return Of A Gangster


Another twist sees Dong Soo (Won Tae Min) and Jong Chul (Ko Dong Eok) mistakenly believing that Song Yi Heon is the son of Kim Deuk Pal’s boss. This misunderstanding leads them to protect Song Yi Heon, adding a surprising alliance to the mix. However, Dong Soo’s decision to disband their gang rather than follow Lee Mi Kyung’s orders sets off a chain of events. Lee Mi Kyung exploits the bullying issue at Hansong High School, manipulating the narrative to paint Song Yi Heon as a bully.

Won Tae Min In High School Return Of A Gangster


In a further twist, Song Yi Heon, originally a victim, finds himself accused of being a bully. Lee Mi Kyung bribes the school’s bully gang to make false reports against him. This twist not only complicates Song Yi Heon’s situation but also highlights the corrupting influence of Lee Mi Kyung.

The Hidden Truths and Final Showdowns

Yoon Chan Young In High School Return Of A Gangster


As the story unfolds, another layer of complexity is added when Choi Se Kyung’s father (Bong Jaehyun), the chief prosecutor, accuses Song Yi Heon of bullying his son. However, the real twist reveals that Choi Se Kyung was actually a victim of his father’s violence. This tragic turn of events shows Choi Se Kyung engaging in self-harm and contemplating suicide, adding a deeply emotional element to the narrative.

Yoon Chan Young And Bong Jaehyun In High School Return Of A Gangster


These plot twists converge towards the climax, where Kim Deuk Pal, trapped in Song Yi Heon’s body, must navigate these false accusations and dark schemes. The question remains: Will he be able to clear Song Yi Heon’s name and overcome these challenges?

In typical High School Return of a Gangster fashion, the drama keeps its audience hooked with its unexpected twists and emotional depth. The final two episodes promise to deliver answers and a fitting conclusion to this rollercoaster of a story. Stay tuned to see how it all unfolds!

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