7 Plot Twists in the Ending of High School Return of a Gangster: Hard to Predict!

Dive into the seven shocking twists in the finale of High School Return of a Gangster.
7 Plot Twists In The Ending Of High School Return Of A Gangster: Hard To Predict!

The highly anticipated drama High School Return of a Gangster (2024) concluded on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, with an ending that left viewers both shocked and satisfied. The final episode was packed with surprising plot twists that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. Here, we delve into the seven most unexpected twists that made the ending truly memorable.

1. Hong Jae Min’s Brave Decision

One of the most unexpected twists was Hong Jae Min (Joo Yoon Chan) facing his doubts and deciding to testify in defense of Song Yi Heon (Yoon Chan Young) in front of the prosecutor. This courageous move highlighted Jae Min’s internal struggle and ultimate resolve, adding depth to his character and the storyline.

Hong Jae Min Testifying To Defend Song Yi Heon

Still Cuts Drama High School Return Of A Gangster (Instagram.com/Official_Jopog) 

2. Seeing Song Yi Heon’s Spirit

Another shocking moment was when Hong Jae Min and Choi Se Kyung (Bong Jae Hyun) encountered the spirit of Song Yi Heon. This supernatural twist not only surprised the characters but also the viewers, adding a layer of mysticism to the drama. It was a poignant scene that underscored the emotional bonds between the characters.

Hong Jae Min And Choi Se Kyung See Song Yi Heon'S Spirit

Still Cuts Drama High School Return Of A Gangster (Instagram.com/Official_Jopog) 

3. Misunderstandings Revealed

The third twist unraveled the misunderstanding between Choi Se Kyung and Song Yi Heon. It was revealed that Choi Se Kyung had done nothing wrong to Song Yi Heon, and their conflict stemmed from a tragic misunderstanding. This revelation brought a sense of closure to their storyline, highlighting the theme of miscommunication and its consequences.

Misunderstanding Between Choi Se Kyung And Song Yi Heon

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4. The True Mastermind

Lee Mi Kyung (Hwang Bo Ra) turned out to be the mastermind behind her own crimes, contrary to the belief that she was acting under Chairman Bae’s orders. This twist added a layer of complexity to her character, showing her as a cunning and independent villain. It was a satisfying reveal that tied up many loose ends in the plot.

Lee Mi Kyung Revealed As The Mastermind

Excerpt From The Drama High School Return Of A Gangster (Doc. Viu/ High School Return Of A Gangster) 

5. Chairman Bae’s Rejected Offer

Chairman Bae’s attempt to register Song Yi Heon as his son was flatly rejected by Kim Deuk Pal, who was possessing Yi Heon at the time. This twist was particularly emotional, showcasing the conflict between power and personal identity. It was a moment that resonated with the audience, highlighting the drama’s intricate character dynamics.

Chairman Bae'S Rejected Offer

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6. Park Dong Gyu’s Slander

The revelation that Park Dong Gyu (Park Woo-Young) had secretly slandered Song Yi Heon as the bully of Choi Se Kyung’s father was another jaw-dropping moment. This twist shed light on the hidden machinations within the story and added a layer of intrigue and betrayal, keeping the audience engrossed until the very end.

Park Dong Gyu Slanders Song Yi Heon

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7. Song Yi Heon’s Final Decision

Perhaps the most surprising twist was Song Yi Heon’s decision to replace Kim Deuk Pal. Yi Heon admitted he was tired of returning to life, a sentiment that struck a chord with many viewers. This poignant and unexpected choice added a melancholic yet fitting end to his character arc, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Song Yi Heon'S Final Decision

Still Cuts Drama High School Return Of A Gangster (Instagram.com/Lifetimekorea) 

High School Return of a Gangster masterfully delivered a finale filled with unpredictable twists, leaving the audience thoroughly satisfied. Each twist added depth and complexity to the story, ensuring that the drama ended on a high note. From these seven twists, which one surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

In conclusion, High School Return of a Gangster provided an ending that was both hard to predict and emotionally resonant. The drama’s ability to surprise and engage viewers with its plot twists is a testament to its well-crafted storyline and compelling characters. It’s a drama that will be remembered for its unique and impactful ending.

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