7 Must-Watch Variety Show Episodes Featuring KPop Idols

Discover 7 entertaining KPop variety show episodes set in Korean saunas. Watch idols enjoy hot and cold rooms, play games, and savor traditional snacks. A cultural delight!
7 Must-Watch Variety Show Episodes Featuring Kpop Idols

Jjimjilbang, a traditional Korean sauna, has become a popular backdrop in KPop variety shows. These episodes are not only entertaining but also give viewers a glimpse into Korean culture. Let’s take a look at seven notable episodes featuring KPop idols enjoying the unique experience of a jjimjilbang.

Highlights of Sauna-Themed Episodes

1. 127 Sauna by NCT 127 127 Sauna NCT 127 created a memorable episode titled 127 Sauna. The members visited a jjimjilbang, where they enjoyed the hot and cold saunas, played games, and even had a karaoke session. They also sampled traditional sauna snacks like boiled eggs and sikhye (a sweet rice drink).

2. EN-O’CLOCK Episodes 25-27 by ENHYPEN En-O'Clock In episodes 25 to 27 of EN-O’CLOCK, ENHYPEN members explored various sauna rooms. They competed in games to escape the heat and enjoyed the relaxing environment. This series of episodes was filled with laughter and camaraderie.

3. RUN BTS! Episodes 61-62 Run Bts! BTS brought their energetic charm to the jjimjilbang in episodes 61 and 62 of RUN BTS!. The members were divided into teams and played games, with the losing team receiving playful punishments. These episodes are a must-watch for their humor and fun.

4. SKZ CODE Episodes 37-38 by Stray Kids Skz Code Stray Kids’ members relaxed in a jjimjilbang in episodes 37 and 38 of SKZ CODE. They enjoyed the sauna rooms, tried facial masks, and sampled the food. The episodes showcased their playful side and offered a relaxing viewing experience.

5. TREASURE MAP Episodes 70-71 Treasure Map TREASURE’s visit to a luxurious jjimjilbang in episodes 70 and 71 of TREASURE MAP was both entertaining and informative. They experienced various sauna rooms and took on challenges, making these episodes both fun and engaging.

6. TO DO X TXT Episodes 124-125 To Do X Txt In episodes 124 and 125 of TO DO X TXT, the members of TXT competed in games to earn money to enjoy the jjimjilbang facilities. Their competitive spirit and playful interactions made these episodes a delight to watch.

7. BLACKPINK HOUSE Episode 9-2 Blackpink House In episode 9 part 2 of BLACKPINK HOUSE, BLACKPINK members visited a jjimjilbang open to the public. They immersed themselves in the authentic sauna experience, with Jisoo guiding the others. Rose’s enthusiasm for sikhye added a charming touch to the episode.

These episodes not only entertain but also offer a fascinating look into Korean culture. The way KPop idols interact and enjoy these traditional saunas adds a personal touch, making viewers feel closer to their favorite stars. If you’re a fan of KPop and curious about Korean traditions, these jjimjilbang-themed episodes are a perfect blend of culture and entertainment. So, the next time you plan a visit to South Korea, make sure to add a jjimjilbang to your itinerary – who knows, you might bump into your favorite idol!

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