7 Main Casts of Korean Drama Tarot, Including Cho Yeo Jeong and Dex from Single’s Inferno 2

Meet the stars of Tarot and dive into their eerie tales.
7 Main Casts Of Korean Drama Tarot, Including Cho Yeo Jeong And Dex From Single’S Inferno 2

Entering July 2024, the eagerly anticipated Korean drama Tarot is set to premiere. This horror series explores the eerie consequences faced by individuals who receive mysterious tarot cards. Utilizing an omnibus format, each of the seven episodes presents a unique story tied together by a common thread of supernatural events.

Here are the seven main characters who bring this chilling drama to life:

1. Cho Yeo Jeong as Ji Woo in “Santa’s Visit”

Cho Yeo Jeong In Korean Drama Tarot

Cho Yeo Jeong Stills In Korean Drama Tarot (Youtube.com/Studio_Xplusu) 

Cho Yeo Jeong stars as Ji Woo in the episode titled “Santa’s Visit”. This episode portrays Ji Woo as a hardworking mother who experiences a strange and unsettling event when she leaves her daughter alone on Christmas Eve. Cho Yeo Jeong’s compelling performance adds depth to this suspenseful story, making it a must-watch.

2. Park Ha Sun as Young Ji’s Mother in “Rent Mom”

Park Ha Sun In Korean Drama Tarot

Park Ha Sun Stills In Korean Drama Tarot (Youtube.com/Studio_Xplusu) 

In the episode “Rent Mom”, Park Ha Sun plays the role of Young Ji’s mother. The story unfolds in a luxurious apartment where eerie and creepy incidents disrupt their peaceful lives. Park Ha Sun’s portrayal captures the fear and confusion of a mother entangled in inexplicable events.

3. Kim Jin Young aka Dex as Dong In in “Please Throw It Away”

Dex In Korean Drama Tarot

Dex’S Clip In The Korean Drama Tarot (Youtube.com/Studio_Xplusu) 

Kim Jin Young, popularly known as Dex from Single’s Inferno 2, steps into the role of Dong In, a courier who encounters a tarot card while making a delivery in the episode “Please Throw It Away”. His journey from an ordinary day at work to a spine-chilling experience is one of the highlights of the series.

4. Ko Kyu Pil as Gyeong Rae in “Late-Night Taxi”

Ko Kyu Pil In Korean Drama Tarot

Ko Kyu Pil’S Stills In The Korean Drama Tarot (Youtube.com/Studio_Xplusu) 

Ko Kyu Pil portrays Gyeong Rae, an office worker who hails a taxi late at night in the episode “Late-Night Taxi”. The ordinary turns extraordinary as the taxi ride becomes a terrifying ordeal. Ko Kyu Pil’s performance adds a layer of realism to this nightmarish scenario.

5. Seo Ji Hoon as Jae Yoon in “Single Locker”

Seo Ji Hoon In Korean Drama Tarot

Seo Ji Hoon Stills In Korean Drama Tarot (Youtube.com/Studio_Xplusu) 

In “Single Locker”, Seo Ji Hoon plays Jae Yoon, a character involved in a mysterious relationship conducted through messages left in a storage locker. This episode’s suspenseful plot, driven by Seo Ji Hoon’s nuanced acting, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

6. Hahm Eun Jung as Eun Mi in “Couple Manager”

Hahm Eun Jung In Korean Drama Tarot

Hahm Eun Jung’S Stills In The Korean Drama Tarot (Youtube.com/Studio_Xplusu) 

Hahm Eun Jung stars as Eun Mi in the episode “Couple Manager”. As Eun Mi prepares for her upcoming marriage, she is thrown into turmoil by the unsettling advice of a couple manager.

7. Oh Yu Jin as Soon Ja in “Phishing”

Oh Yu Jin In Korean Drama Tarot

Oh Yu Jin’S Stills In The Korean Drama Tarot (Youtube.com/Studio_Xplusu) 

Oh Yu Jin appears in the episode “Phishing”, playing the role of Soon Ja, a broadcast jockey (BJ) known for her fearless attitude. Her episode delves into the dangers and spooky consequences of her online presence.

These seven actors bring a diverse array of characters and spine-tingling stories to Tarot. Premiering on July 15, 2024, this drama promises to deliver thrills and chills, though there is no news yet about which OTT platforms will air it in Indonesia. Keep an eye out for this exciting new addition to the world of Korean horror dramas!

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