7 Instagram Accounts of Korean Drama Actors in The Auditors You Should Follow Now!

Follow The Auditors actors on Instagram for exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes moments.
7 Instagram Accounts Of Korean Drama Actors In The Auditors You Should Follow Now!

After much anticipation, the Korean drama The Auditors premiered on July 6, 2024. This series is the grand return of Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Jung Ha, who star as co-workers on an audit team at JU Construction. Alongside them, Jin Goo takes on the role of Hwang Dae Woong, the vice president at JU Construction. To get closer to these stars, here are the Instagram accounts of the main cast of The Auditors that you should follow.

Shin Ha Kyun: The Leader of the Audit Team

Shin Ha Kyun, playing the head of the audit team, is back on our screens with a powerful performance. You can follow his latest activities and behind-the-scenes moments on his agency’s Instagram account, @hoduent. It’s always exciting to see snippets of his work and personal life, giving fans a deeper connection to this seasoned actor.

Shin Ha Kyun

Portrait Of Shin Ha Kyun (Instagram.com/Hoduent) 

Lee Jung Ha: The Rookie Auditor

Lee Jung Ha, who plays a rookie auditor at JU Construction, frequently shares her journey and moments from the set on her personal Instagram account, @jungha.km. Her posts provide a charming glimpse into her life and her growth as an actor, making her account a must-follow for fans.

Lee Jung Ha

Portrait Of Lee Jung Ha (Instagram.com/Jungha.km) 

Jin Goo: Behind the Vice President’s Persona

Jin Goo’s portrayal of Hwang Dae Woong, the vice president of JU Construction, is nothing short of intense. For a peek into his preparation and behind-the-scenes fun, follow him on Instagram @actor_jingoo. His long hair for the role has become quite a talking point among fans!

Jin Goo

Jin Goo Portrait (Instagram.com/Actor_Jingoo) 

Jo A Ram: Drama Promotions and More

Jo A Ram often posts about her time on set and her interactions with fellow cast members, including Lee Jung Ha and Jin Goo. Her Instagram account, @i_joaram, is filled with delightful moments from their promotional activities, making it an enjoyable follow for fans of The Auditors.

Jo A Ram

Portrait Of Jo A Ram (Instagram.com/I_Joaram) 

Hong In: The Fun Behind the Scenes

Hong In shares plenty of behind-the-scenes content with the audit team, especially Lee Jung Ha, via his Instagram account @inxstargram. His posts are a fun way to see the camaraderie and off-screen dynamics of the cast.

Hong In

Portrait Of Hong In (Instagram.com/Inxstargram) 

Oh Hee Joon: On-Set Fun

Oh Hee Joon, known for having fun with the audit team members on set, often shares these moments on his Instagram account @tayo271. His posts are lighthearted and offer fans a behind-the-scenes look at the fun side of filming.

Oh Hee Joon

Oh Hee Joon Portrait (Instagram.com/Tayo271) 

Lee Do Yub: Hobbies Beyond Acting

During filming breaks, Lee Do Yub enjoys traveling and painting, and he shares his adventures and artwork on his Instagram account @lee.doyeop. His posts reveal a different side of the actor, showcasing his interests beyond the screen.

Lee Do Yub

Portrait Of Lee Do Yub (Instagram.com/Lee.doyeop)

Well, that’s the rundown of the Instagram accounts of the Korean drama actors in The Auditors. The series, which delves into the intriguing world of an audit team uncovering corruption in a construction company, airs on Viu every Saturday and Sunday. Don’t miss it!

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