7 Final Shooting Photos of Connection That Will Make You Emotional

Emotional final moments from Connection shared through 7 touching behind-the-scenes photos.
7 Final Shooting Photos Of Connection That Will Make You Emotional

Connection ended on Saturday, July 6, 2024. The drama delivered a satisfying conclusion, resolving numerous conflicts and ensuring that the antagonist received a fitting punishment. As the show wrapped up, the cast members shared their final moments on set, making it hard for fans to move on. Here are the seven final shooting portraits of the Connection cast.

1. Kim Kyung Nam’s Tragic End

In the drama, Kim Kyung Nam’s character meets a tragic fate, ending up in prison. Despite the grim ending, Kim Kyung Nam smiles happily in his prison uniform in the final shooting photo, showing his dedication to his role.

Kim Kyung Nam In Prison Uniform

Last Shooting Portrait Of Connection Cast (Instagram.com/Kknv1221) 

2. The Dynamic Trio: Kim Kyung Nam, Kwon Yul, and Cha Yub

The on-screen chemistry between Kim Kyung Nam, Kwon Yul, and Cha Yub was electric, portraying partners in crime who stirred strong emotions among viewers. Their stunning performances were a highlight of the series.

Dynamic Trio

Last Shooting Portrait Of Connection Cast (Instagram.com/Kknv1221) 

3. Celebrating the End with Flowers

After filming the final scene, the cast received bouquets of flowers from the crew as a token of appreciation for their hard work. This gesture marked a heartfelt end to their journey together.

Bouquet Of Flowers

Last Shooting Portrait Of Connection Cast (Instagram.com/Goodroku) 

4. Jeong Jae Kwang’s Standout Performance

Jeong Jae Kwang’s portrayal of a suspicious character who constantly fooled the audience deserves special mention. His acting skills brought depth to the character, making him a standout in the series.

Jeong Jae Kwang

Final Shooting Portrait Of Connection Cast (Instagram.com/Highziumstudio) 

5. Yoo Hee Je’s Congratulations

Actor Yoo Hee Je, who played Gong Jin Wook, received congratulations from his agency on the completion of Connection. This moment captured the pride and satisfaction of being part of a successful show.

Yoo Hee Je

Last Shooting Portrait Of Connection Cast (Instagram.com/Sarament_Official) 

6. Park Keun Rok’s Gratitude

Park Keun Rok expressed his gratitude to viewers through a personal Instagram post. His thankfulness reflects the strong bond between the cast and their audience.

Park Keun Rok

Last Shooting Portrait Of Connection Cast (Instagram.com/Goodroku) 

7. Seo Yi Ra’s Joyful Farewell

Seo Yi Ra shared her happiness about being part of the amazing Connection team. Her positive experience and heartfelt message to fans highlight the collaborative spirit that made the show special.

Seo Yi Ra

Last Shooting Portrait Of Connection Cast (Instagram.com/Y.one_Entertainment) 

Final Thoughts

Connection is a must-watch for fans of crime-mystery genres. The show consistently delivered suspense and intrigue, with ratings that reflected its quality. The ending was satisfying, tying up loose ends and delivering justice where it was due. As a fan, I found the conclusion both fitting and rewarding, making it a memorable series worth revisiting.

Are you satisfied with the ending of Connection? Share your thoughts with us!

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