7 Dramas with a Vibe Similar to High School Return of a Gangster

Seven must-watch dramas for fans of High School Return of a Gangster.
7 Dramas With A Vibe Similar To High School Return Of A Gangster

High School Return of a Gangster has taken audiences by storm with its unique storyline, blending elements of gangster life and high school drama. The story follows Kim Deuk Pal, a gangster whose soul enters the body of a bullied high school student, Song Yi Heon, after sacrificing himself to save him. If you’re a fan of this series, here are seven other dramas that capture a similar vibe, filled with soul swaps, high school struggles, and riveting bromances.

Soul Swap Themes

1. Mr. Queen (2020-2021)
In Mr. Queen, the soul of a modern male chef mysteriously finds itself in the body of a queen from the Joseon era. This unexpected body swap creates a humorous yet intriguing storyline as the chef navigates the royal court. The juxtaposition of modern and historical contexts, combined with the challenge of adapting to a completely new life, resonates with the soul swap concept in High School Return of a Gangster.

Mr. Queen

2. Oh My Ghost (2015)
Oh My Ghost tells the story of a shy chef who gets possessed by a cheerful, mischievous ghost. The ghost’s lively personality transforms the chef, much like how Kim Deuk Pal’s soul changes Song Yi Heon in High School Return of a Gangster. The series explores themes of self-discovery and overcoming personal challenges through supernatural means.

Oh My Ghost

Bullying and High School Dramas

3. Weak Hero Class 1 (2022)
Much like High School Return of a Gangster, Weak Hero Class 1 delves into the harsh realities of bullying in schools. The main characters stand up against their bullies, forming strong bonds of friendship and resilience. The bromance in this series adds a layer of emotional depth that fans of High School Return of a Gangster will appreciate.

Weak Hero Class 1

4. Pyramid Game (2024)
Pyramid Game also tackles the theme of bullying. The protagonist stands alone against her tormentors, similar to Kim Deuk Pal as Song Yi Heon. The series highlights the courage and determination needed to fight against systemic abuse, making it a compelling watch for those who enjoyed the high school struggle narrative in High School Return of a Gangster.

Pyramid Game

Bromance and Soulful Stories

5. Crash Course in Romance (2023)
In Crash Course in Romance, the bromance between two high school students brings a heartwarming and humorous touch to the series. Their dynamic is reminiscent of the friendship between Song Yi Heon and Choi Se Kyung in High School Return of a Gangster, providing viewers with a mix of laughter and heartfelt moments.

Crash Course In Romance

6. Please Come Back, Mister (2016)
This drama follows a kind-hearted gangster who returns to life in another person’s body. The themes of redemption and second chances parallel Kim Deuk Pal’s journey in High School Return of a Gangster. The blend of comedy, drama, and supernatural elements makes it a fitting recommendation for fans of soul-swapping narratives.

Please Come Back, Mister

These seven dramas capture the essence of High School Return of a Gangster through their unique takes on soul swaps, high school dramas, and compelling character dynamics. Whether you’re looking for more supernatural thrills or heartfelt high school tales, these series are sure to keep you entertained. Happy watching!

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