5 Unanswered Questions in Hierarchy’s Ending That Beg for a Season 2!

Hierarchy left viewers with burning questions. From mysterious deaths to unresolved relationships, here are 5 key points that demand a season 2 for more answers.
5 Unanswered Questions In Hierarchy’S Ending That Beg For A Season 2!

Hierarchy was released on Netflix with 7 episodes on June 7, 2024. This drama tells the story of Jooshin High School, an elite institution specifically for the richest conglomerates in South Korea. A new scholarship student transfers to this school with the aim of destroying the culture of bullying there.

This drama, starring Roh Jeong Eui, Lee Chae Min, and Kim Jae Won, presents an open-ended finale with plot twists in the after credits. Therefore, several questions remain unanswered, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating a potential second season. Here are the top five lingering questions.

Warning, this article contains spoilers.

1. Who is the student who died in the after credit scene?

Hierarchy Drama Trailer Hierarchy drama trailer (x.com/studiodragonKR)

The after credits scene left viewers in shock as a student was found covered in blood in class 2-2. Yoon He Ra (Ji Hye Won) was the first to find the body, but the student’s identity remains unclear. Some viewers suspect that the victim is the class president, Nam Ju Won (Seo Bum June), who had a contentious history with Jung Jae I (Roh Jeong Eui) due to bullying and drug transactions at Jooshin High School. Others believe the victim could be Jung Jae Hyeok (Kim Jun Hyung), Jung Jae I’s younger brother, known for harassing and threatening Jung Jae I.

This mystery adds a significant layer of intrigue, making the audience crave more information. Will the revelation of this identity be the key to unraveling the deeper secrets of Jooshin High School?

2. Who sent the message to Kim Ri An?

Trailer For The Drama Hierarchy trailer for the drama Hierarchy (doc. Netflix/Hierarchy)

After the body was discovered, Kim Ri An’s cellphone received an anonymous message saying, “Are you surprised, Kim Ri An?” The identity of the sender is still unknown. Some speculate it might be Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min), who was seen smiling mysteriously while looking at his phone. However, considering the number of characters previously shown with cellphones, this remains uncertain.

This anonymous messaging mirrors the threats Jung Jae I used to receive, causing confusion and fear. The sender’s motives and the message’s implications suggest that there might be more to Kim Ri An’s story, potentially setting the stage for a second season.

3. Is Jooshin High School really improving itself?

Trailer For The Drama Hierarchy trailer for the drama Hierarchy (doc. Netflix/Hierarchy)

In the final episode, Kang Ha successfully exposes the dark underbelly of Jooshin High School, leading to media and public outcry over the bullying and misdeeds. The principal is replaced by Oh Na Ra, who makes a cameo as the new principal. However, it remains unclear if this change will truly alter the toxic culture at the school.

This question is critical as it addresses the core issue of the drama—the systemic bullying and corruption within an elite institution. Will the new leadership bring genuine reform, or will the school’s toxic environment persist?

4. What sanctions do the bullies at Jooshin High School receive?

Trailer For The Drama Hierarchy trailer for the drama Hierarchy (doc. Netflix/Hierarchy)

Bullying at Jooshin High School was rampant, with Choi Yun Seok (Kim Tae Jung) being the main perpetrator. Despite being tried by the school committee, Choi Yun Seok and other bullies are seen still attending the school. Kim Ri An also admits her involvement in bullying but the sanctions they receive remain undisclosed.

The lack of consequences for the bullies leaves a significant gap in the story. Viewers are left wondering if justice will be served or if the cycle of bullying will continue unchecked.

5. Will Jung Jae I and Kim Ri An get back together?

Kim Jae Won And Roh Jeong Eui In Hierarchy Kim Jae Won and Roh Jeong Eui in Hierarchy (doc. Netflix/Hierarchy)

Jung Jae I and Kim Ri An have a tumultuous love story, complicated by family rivalries and personal tragedies, including Jung Jae I’s miscarriage of Kim Ri An’s child. Although Kim Ri An wishes to stay together, Jung Jae I chooses to separate, hoping for a happier future apart.

This unresolved relationship is a major point of curiosity for fans. Will they reunite, or will Jung Jae I find happiness with someone else, possibly Kang Ha? The potential for a romantic resolution adds another layer of anticipation for a second season.

The unanswered questions in Hierarchy‘s ending leave viewers eager for more. The after credits scene, in particular, raises the biggest question of all: Will there be a season 2 to tie up these loose ends? Given the drama’s complex characters and intriguing plot, a continuation seems not only desirable but necessary. Here’s hoping for more episodes to dive deeper into the secrets of Jooshin High School.

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