5 Recommendations for Original Netflix Dramas in the Thriller Genre to be Aired in 2024

Top 5 Netflix Korean thrillers of 2024: suspense, sci-fi, and political drama.
5 Recommendations For Original Netflix Dramas In The Thriller Genre To Be Aired In 2024

Since the groundbreaking success of Squid Game in 2021, Netflix has ramped up its production of original Korean dramas, offering a diverse array of genres. One of the standout genres is thriller. These shows keep viewers on the edge of their seats, with suspenseful episodes that leave them craving more. In 2024, Netflix is set to release several original Korean thrillers that promise to captivate audiences. Here are five highly anticipated recommendations.

1. A Killer Paradox

A Killer Paradox

Starring Choi Woo Shik and Son Suk Ku, A Killer Paradox follows the story of Lee Tang, a college student and shopkeeper who inadvertently kills a customer in self-defense. To his shock, he discovers the man was a wanted serial killer. This incident awakens a peculiar ability in Lee Tang – he can now identify people with malevolent intentions. Embracing this new power, Lee Tang embarks on a vigilante spree, targeting those he deems evil.

Detective Jang Nan Gam, played by Son Suk Ku, is tasked with unraveling the mystery behind these murders. His investigation leads him to suspect Lee Tang, setting up a gripping cat-and-mouse chase. A Killer Paradox promises a thrilling narrative that explores morality and justice.

2. Parasyte: The Grey

Parasyte: The Grey

Mixing thriller and science fiction, Parasyte: The Grey tells the chilling tale of a parasitic invasion from space. These parasites take over human hosts, controlling their bodies and minds to survive. The global struggle against these parasites intensifies as people fight to protect humanity from being overrun.

The story centers on Jung Su In, portrayed by Jeon So Nee, who survives a severe accident only to find her hand infected by a parasite. However, this parasite, Heidi, fails to control her completely, leading to a unique coexistence. Meanwhile, Seol Gang Woo (Koo Kyo Hwan) searches for his missing sister amid the chaos, and Choi Joon Kyung (Lee Jung Hyun), head of the Parasite Task Force, seeks vengeance for her husband’s death. This drama promises high-stakes action and emotional depth.

The Intensity and Variety of Netflix’s 2024 Thriller Lineup

Netflix’s 2024 lineup of original Korean thrillers is anything but monotonous. From moral dilemmas in A Killer Paradox to sci-fi horrors in Parasyte: The Grey, there’s something for every thriller enthusiast. These dramas not only entertain but also provoke thought, making viewers question their own values and perceptions.

3. The 8 Show

The 8 Show

Blending thriller with comedy, The 8 Show revolves around eight financially struggling individuals who receive an invitation to a mysterious game promising cash prizes. The catch? They must live in a secret eight-story facility where basic needs are exorbitantly priced. The cost of survival is deducted from their potential winnings, creating a fierce competition.

Participants must strategize to outlast their rivals, often resorting to deceit and violence. This darkly comedic thriller exposes human greed and desperation, making it a must-watch for fans of psychological dramas.

4. Hierarchy


Set in the elite Jooshin High School, Hierarchy delves into the lives of four wealthy students from influential families. These students, Jung Jae Yi (Roh Jeong Eui), Kim Ri Ahn (Kim Jae Won), Yoo He Ra (Ji Hye Won), and Lee Woo Jin (Lee Won Jung), navigate the treacherous social dynamics of their exclusive school. The arrival of scholarship student Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min) disrupts the status quo, revealing dark secrets and escalating tensions.

Hierarchy explores themes of power, privilege, and the corruption within elite educational institutions, promising a thrilling ride through the lives of South Korea’s most privileged youth.

5. The Whirlwind

The Whirlwind

Combining political intrigue with thrilling drama, The Whirlwind stars Sol Kyung Gu as Park Dong Ho, a prime minister determined to dismantle the corrupt government. Opposing him is deputy prime minister Jung Soo Jin, portrayed by Kim Hee Ae, whose ambition and intelligence make her a formidable adversary.

Their intense political rivalry unfolds against a backdrop of corruption and power struggles, making The Whirlwind a compelling watch for those intrigued by political dramas.

Netflix’s 2024 lineup showcases the versatility and creativity of Korean thriller dramas. With a mix of moral quandaries, sci-fi elements, dark comedy, and political intrigue, these shows promise to keep audiences enthralled. Among these thrilling options, which one will you be watching?

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