5 Reasons Why Oh Wan Soo Is Not Liked By The Hwain Family in Red Swan

Oh Wan Soo's clash with the Hwain family unveils intense drama in Red Swan.
5 Reasons Why Oh Wan Soo Is Not Liked By The Hwain Family In Red Swan

Red Swan premiered on Wednesday (3/7/2024), leaving viewers with many questions about the mystery, affair scandal, and the fate of its main characters, Oh Wan Soo (Kim Ha Neul) and Seo Do Yoon (Rain). One of the most intriguing subplots is the fraught relationship between Oh Wan Soo and her in-laws, the Hwain family. Here are five reasons why Oh Wan Soo is not liked by the Hwain family.

1. Oh Wan Soo’s Mother is Addicted to Gambling

Oh Wan Soo'S Mother Is Addicted To Gambling Red Swan Korean drama trailer (youtube.com/Disney Plus Korea)

From the very beginning, it was clear that Oh Wan Soo was not accepted by the Hwain family. Her future mother-in-law, Park Mi Ran (Seo Yi Sook), showed her disdain for Wan Soo during her first visit. Mi Ran had thoroughly investigated Wan Soo’s background, including her family, career, and past relationships. One of the biggest issues for the Hwain family was Wan Soo’s mother’s gambling addiction, which Mi Ran found completely unacceptable.

2. Oh Wan Soo Was Born into a Lower-Class Family

Oh Wan Soo Was Born Into A Lower-Class Family Red Swan Korean drama trailer (youtube.com/Disney Plus Korea)

One of the stark differences between Oh Wan Soo and her husband Kim Yong Guk (Jung Gyu Woon) is their social backgrounds. Wan Soo comes from a lower-class family, with her mother being a former golf coach who was humiliated and fired by Park Mi Ran. Mi Ran viewed Wan Soo’s lower-class origins and her family’s troubles as a threat to the prestigious image of the Hwain Group.

3. Does Not Fit Park Mi Ran’s Criteria for Daughter-in-Law

Does Not Fit Park Mi Ran'S Criteria For Daughter-In-Law Red Swan Korean drama trailer (youtube.com/Disney Plus Korea)

Park Mi Ran has very specific criteria for who she deems suitable as her daughter-in-law, and Oh Wan Soo does not fit this mold. Mi Ran desires a daughter-in-law who is obedient and submissive to the family’s demands. Despite being married for twelve years, Wan Soo and Mi Ran still often clash because Wan Soo does not conform to these expectations.

4. Refusing to Divorce Kim Yong Guk

Refusing To Divorce Kim Yong Guk Red Swan Korean drama trailer (youtube.com/Disney Plus Korea)

Oh Wan Soo’s refusal to divorce her husband, despite being caught cheating, further strains her relationship with the Hwain family. Wan Soo has a mission tied to the WON Foundation, which she wants to maintain in her son’s name. If she divorces Yong Guk, she risks losing all her hard work to his family. This stubbornness to stay in the marriage, despite its problems, is seen as defiance by her in-laws.

5. Have Different Business Goals

Have Different Business Goals Red Swan Korean drama trailer (youtube.com/Disney Plus Korea)

Oh Wan Soo’s business goals and actions have also put her at odds with the Hwain family. She has been involved in humanitarian efforts, such as aiding the minority ethnic group Balak in Iraq and pressing the International Court of Justice to investigate related cases. These actions have invited threats and controversy, which Park Mi Ran disapproves of. Mi Ran forbids Wan Soo from discussing a terror incident that happened in Manila, viewing it as a reckless challenge to the terrorists.

In Red Swan, Oh Wan Soo’s strained relationship with the Hwain family is a compelling narrative that underscores themes of class conflict, familial expectations, and personal integrity. Each reason for the discord between Wan Soo and her in-laws adds a layer of complexity to her character and highlights the challenges she faces. As viewers, we are left to ponder if Wan Soo will ever find acceptance or if her resilience will ultimately reshape her destiny. Red Swan promises to be a riveting exploration of these dynamics, making it a must-watch drama.

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