5 Reasons Why Jung Su Jin Is Hard to Put Down in Korean Drama The Whirlwind

Why Jung Su Jin is unstoppable in The Whirlwind.
5 Reasons Why Jung Su Jin Is Hard To Put Down In Korean Drama The Whirlwind

Jung Su Jin, played by Kim Hee Ae, is a character who captures the audience’s attention in the Korean drama The Whirlwind. Serving as the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, she is deeply entangled in political corruption alongside President Jang Il Jun (Kim Hong Fa) and Park Dong Ho (Sol Kyung Gu). Despite numerous attempts to bring her down, Jung Su Jin remains a formidable figure. Here are five reasons why Jung Su Jin is so difficult to defeat in The Whirlwind.

Jung Su Jin (Kim Hee Ae) In The Korean Drama The Whirlwind

Jung Su Jin (Kim Hee Ae) In The Korean Drama The Whirlwind (Instagram.com/Netflixkr) 

1. Loyal Supporters and Clever Allies

Jung Su Jin’s resilience is significantly bolstered by her loyal supporters, including her assistant Lee Man Gil (Kang Sang Won), her husband Han Min Ho (Lee Hae Young), and her cousin Jung Pil Gyu.

Lee Man Gil (Kang Sang Won) In The Drama The Whirlwind

Lee Man Gil (Kang Sang Won) In The Drama The Whirlwind (Instagram.com/Netflixkr) 

  • Lee Man Gil: Always ready to assist Jung Su Jin, he is adept at keeping secrets and providing crucial support. For instance, he kept the secret when Jung Su Jin murdered the president.
  • Han Min Ho: Willing to sacrifice himself to protect his wife’s name, he follows orders from powerful figures and ensures that Jung Su Jin remains unscathed by implicating himself in corruption.
  • Jung Pil Gyu: With his position in the legal sector, he skillfully manages any legal threats against Jung Su Jin, ensuring her actions remain hidden and her position secure.

2. Winning Over Jang Il Jun’s Followers

Jung Su Jin’s cunning strategies help her win the hearts of President Jang Il Jun’s loyal followers. Her adept manipulation and public speeches strengthen her position.

Jung Su Jin And Park Dong Ho In The Drama The Whirlwind

Jung Su Jin And Park Dong Ho In The Drama The Whirlwind (Instagram.com/Netflixkr) 

  • Killing Jang Il Jun: By eliminating the president, Jung Su Jin removes a significant threat to her power. She positions herself as the rightful successor, despite the underhanded methods.
  • Manipulative Speeches: She cleverly convinces the president’s supporters that Jang Il Jun was innocent of accepting political funds, despite the reality. This deceit helps her gain their unwavering support.

3. Timing Is Always in Her Favor

Every time Park Dong Ho was one step away from bringing down Jung Su Jin, he always failed. When her actions were revealed as corruption, Jung Su Jin used her husband’s name as a shield. Then, she also managed to escape from the prosecutor’s office because at that time her position was to replace the president. According to applicable legal regulations, a person who serves as president or his successor cannot be temporarily detained.

Jung Su Jin has Park Dong Ho’s weakness. When ignored by Park Dong Ho at the presidential inauguration, Jung Su Jin secretly goes to the private room of the male secretary, Choi Yeon Sook (Kim Mi Sook). Together with Lee Man Gil, she manages to find evidence that Park Dong Ho has killed Jang Il Jun.

4. Lack of Concrete Evidence

Finding solid evidence against Jung Su Jin proves to be extremely challenging.

  • Witnesses and Recordings: Although there are witnesses, like Lee Man Gil, and voice recordings implicating her in murder, the lack of physical evidence such as CCTV footage makes it difficult to prove her guilt beyond doubt.
  • Destroying Evidence: In moments of desperation, evidence against her is often destroyed, further complicating any efforts to hold her accountable.
Jung Su Jin (Kim Hee Ae) In The Drama The Whirlwind

Jung Su Jin (Kim Hee Ae) In The Drama The Whirlwind (Instagram.com/Netflixkr) 

5. Mirroring Her Opponent’s Tactics

Jung Su Jin’s strategy of mimicking her opponent’s tactics makes her a formidable adversary.

  • Copying Park Dong Ho: To protect her position, she employs the same ruthless methods as Park Dong Ho, including assassination. By following in his footsteps, she manages to outmaneuver him, ensuring her continued dominance.

Jung Su Jin is a master manipulator and strategist in The Whirlwind. Her ability to gather loyal supporters, manipulate public perception, use timing to her advantage, evade evidence, and mimic her opponents’ tactics makes her one of the most difficult characters to bring down. This complexity and depth make Jung Su Jin a captivating figure in the drama, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

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