5 Reasons Kang In Is Jin Se Kyung’s Best Friend in Goodbye Earth

Discover why Kang In is Jin Se Kyung's ultimate ally in Goodbye Earth. Loyalty, protection, and understanding define their unbreakable bond.
5 Reasons Kang In Is Jin Se Kyung’S Best Friend In Goodbye Earth

Kang In A’s loyalty is unwavering. He genuinely rejoices in Jin Se Kyung’s happiness, such as when she welcomes back her fiancé, Ha Yun Sang (portrayed by Yoo Ah In). Kang In A’s happiness mirrors Jin Se Kyung’s, showcasing his genuine friendship.

In Goodbye Earth, Kang In A exemplifies the essence of friendship to Jin Se Kyung. He’s not merely a yes-man; he’s willing to challenge and guide her when necessary. Who wouldn’t want a friend like Kang In A?

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