5 Questions for the First Episode of High School Return of a Gangster

Explore 5 intriguing questions from the first episode of High School Return of a Gangster. What mysteries await Kim Deuk Pal in his new life as a high school student?
5 Questions For The First Episode Of High School Return Of A Gangster

The first two episodes of High School Return of a Gangster have just aired, and they have certainly caught our attention. This human fantasy drama follows the story of a gangster named Kim Deuk Pal (played by Lee Seo Jin) who unexpectedly finds himself in the body of a high school student, Song Yi Heon (played by Yoon Chan Young). As he navigates this new life, he forms a bond with Choi Se Kyung (Bong Jae Hyun). Despite the intriguing start, several questions arise from these episodes that leave us eager for more answers.

Kim Deuk Pal (Lee Seo Jin) In The Drama High School Return Of A Gangster

Was the Accident Experienced by Kim Deuk Pal Genuine?

The dramatic beginning sees Kim Deuk Pal driving home when he spots a teenager about to jump off a bridge. In a heroic move, he tries to save the boy, Song Yi Heon, without considering the traffic around him. Although they survive the initial danger, a speeding car hits Kim Deuk Pal shortly after. The suspicious camera focus on the car’s rear tire suggests that this might not be a simple accident. Could there be more to this event than meets the eye? It leaves us wondering if this incident was purely accidental or if it was orchestrated by someone with a hidden agenda.

Song Yi Heon (Yoon Chan Young) In The Drama High School Return Of A Gangster

Kim Deuk Pal Has Entered Song Yi Heon’s Body. Will He Be Able to Realize His Dreams in Terms of Education?

Despite his tough exterior, Kim Deuk Pal has aspirations beyond the gangster life. Before the accident, he wanted to improve his education and go to college, even though his CSAT scores were low. Now, in Song Yi Heon’s body, he sees a second chance to pursue this dream. However, Song Yi Heon’s life is far from ideal, with a troubled family background and a history of being bullied. Can Kim Deuk Pal overcome these challenges and succeed academically? The complexity of his new life adds depth to his journey, making us root for him even more.

Choi Se Kyung (Bong Jae Hyun) In The Drama High School Return Of A Gangster

What is Choi Se Kyung Keeping a Secret?

Choi Se Kyung’s character is shrouded in mystery. Initially, he seems distant from Song Yi Heon, but after Kim Deuk Pal inhabits Yi Heon’s body, they become friends. Se Kyung is aware of the change in Yi Heon and is concerned about a secret he holds. The tension between his relationship with his father and his newfound friendship suggests there are layers to his story yet to be revealed. What could Se Kyung be hiding, and how will it impact his relationship with Kim Deuk Pal?

Kim Deuk Pal (Lee Seo Jin) In The Drama High School Return Of A Gangster

Is It Possible That Kim Deuk Pal Will Be Able to Return to the Chilsung Gang?

As the second-in-command of the Chilsung Gang, Kim Deuk Pal has significant influence. But now, in the body of a high school student, reconnecting with his gang seems daunting. There is a glimmer of hope when Song Yi Heon’s father’s assistant recognizes Kim Deuk Pal’s colleague, Kim Dong Soo. This connection could be the key to his return to the gang, but the process is likely to be fraught with challenges. How will he navigate this dual life and maintain his authority within the gang?

Song Yi Heon (Yoon Chan Young) In The Drama High School Return Of A Gangster

Will Kim Deuk Pal Stay in Song Yi Heon’s Body Until He Dies? So, Where Did Song Yi Heon’s Soul Go?

One of the biggest mysteries is the fate of Song Yi Heon’s soul. While Kim Deuk Pal’s spirit has taken over Yi Heon’s body, there is no indication of where Yi Heon’s soul has gone. Has it transferred to Kim Deuk Pal’s body, or is it lost forever? Moreover, is there a time limit on how long Kim Deuk Pal can inhabit this new body? These questions add an intriguing layer of supernatural mystery to the series, making us ponder the deeper implications of soul transfer.

High School Return of a Gangster has set up an exciting premise with these first episodes. The mix of fantasy, drama, and mystery promises an engaging storyline. Personally, I am thrilled by the unique concept and the complex characters. It’s not just a typical high school drama; it brings in elements of redemption, second chances, and the eternal struggle between one’s past and present. For those intrigued, you can catch the drama on Viu every Wednesday.

Do you agree with these questions, or do you have more to add? Let’s discuss and speculate as we wait for the next episodes!

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