5 Productive Tips While Unemployed by Lee Mi Jin in Miss Night and Day

Five tips to stay productive during unemployment, inspired by Lee Mi Jin.
5 Productive Tips While Unemployed By Lee Mi Jin In Miss Night And Day

In the Korean drama Miss Night and Day, Lee Mi Jin’s life closely mirrors the reality faced by many job seekers. Despite her continuous struggle for seven years to pass the civil service exam (ASN), she remains undeterred at nearly 30 years old, showing incredible resilience. Her journey offers valuable lessons on staying productive while unemployed. Here are five tips inspired by Lee Mi Jin’s experience.

1. Set Clear Job Targets

Set Clear Job Targets

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From the start, Lee Mi Jin knew the kind of job she wanted. Although she initially took the ASN exam without knowing her talents, she realized she wanted to work in a government office. It’s common to feel confused and lost when unemployed, but having a clear job target can guide your efforts. Identifying what job you truly desire is crucial, just as Lee Mi Jin did.

2. Consistently Study to Achieve Your Goals

Consistently Study To Achieve Your Goals

Still Cut Drama Miss Night And Day (Instagram.com/Jtbcdrama) 

Studying for seven years to pass the ASN exam is no small feat. Lee Mi Jin’s consistent efforts in studying highlight the importance of persistence. She borrowed books from the library, bought second-hand books, and stayed disciplined in her studies. Consistency not only helps in reaching your goals but also keeps you productive. Through her dedication, Lee Mi Jin learned discipline and resilience, essential qualities for anyone striving to achieve their dreams.

3. Learn New Skills to Open Opportunities

Learn New Skills To Open Opportunities

Still Cut Drama Miss Night And Day (Instagram.com/Jtbcdrama) 

Lee Mi Jin was always open to learning new skills while preparing for the civil service exam. She acquired various certificates, including in foreign languages and programming. This readiness to learn new things made her more versatile and prepared for future opportunities. Even during unemployment, learning new skills can create new job prospects and help you stay productive.

4. Earn Extra Money with Part-Time or Freelance Work

Earn Extra Money With Part-Time Or Freelance Work

Still Cut Drama Miss Night And Day (Instagram.com/Jtbcdrama) 

In addition to studying, Lee Mi Jin worked part-time and freelance jobs to support herself and help her parents. From managing finances in her parents’ butcher shop to working as a campaigner, cleaning staff, rock climbing spot staff, drama extra, and even a social media influencer, she never shied away from any job. These experiences not only provided her with financial support but also helped her stay productive and learn new things.

5. Don’t Fear Rejection, Keep Trying

Don’t Fear Rejection, Keep Trying

Still Cut Drama Miss Night And Day (Instagram.com/Jtbcdrama) 

One of the most inspiring aspects of Lee Mi Jin’s story is her resilience in the face of rejection. She applied for jobs every year despite failing to pass the civil service exam multiple times. Her determination eventually led to her first permanent job as an assistant at the prosecutor’s office. Persistence is key; every rejection is just a step closer to success.


Lee Mi Jin’s journey in Miss Night and Day is a powerful reminder of the importance of staying productive and persistent while unemployed. Her story teaches us to set clear job targets, consistently work towards our goals, learn new skills, take up part-time or freelance work, and never fear rejection. These tips can help anyone navigate the challenging period of unemployment and emerge stronger.

Are Lee Mi Jin’s tips helpful to you? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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