5 Popular Theories at the Beginning of Connection: Answering the Mystery!

From shocking betrayals to hidden identities, Connection keeps viewers guessing. Here are the top 5 theories driving the suspense!
5 Popular Theories At The Beginning Of Connection: Answering The Mystery!

Connection (2024) is a crime-thriller drama that has quickly captivated audiences with its engaging mystery. The story revolves around Jang Jae Kyung (Ji Sung), head of the Drug Eradication Division at the Anhyeon Police Station, who finds himself entangled in the investigation of an old friend’s death, which ultimately involves him as well.

Even though only four episodes have aired, Connection has already sparked numerous intriguing theories among its viewers. Let’s delve into the five popular theories that are currently the talk of the town.

The Doctor’s Real Identity is Won Jong Soo

5 Popular Theories At The Beginning Of The Connection Episode, Answering The Mystery! still cuts drama Connection (instagram.com/sbsdrama.official)

Won Jong Soo (Kim Kyung Nam), the CEO of Keumhyung Pharmaceuticals, is portrayed as a bold antagonist involved in many secretive and dangerous projects. Given his shady activities and his close ties with prosecutor Park Tae Jin (Kwon Yool), many viewers suspect that Jong Soo might be the mysterious “Doctor” who is behind the new, dangerous drug called lemons mulberries.

The Doctor, known only by the code SOS 1882, is the exclusive supplier of this drug, distributing it through intermediaries like CEO Yoon (Baek Ji Won) and Gong Jin Wook (Yoo Hee Je). The theory that Jong Soo himself is the Doctor adds a thrilling layer of complexity to the plot, hinting at a deeper conspiracy within the pharmaceutical world.

From my perspective, this theory is particularly compelling because it aligns with Jong Soo’s portrayal as a character with significant influence and resources. His ability to manipulate and conceal his actions fits well with the clandestine nature of the “Doctor.” This would be a masterstroke in storytelling, tying the high-level corporate corruption to street-level drug trafficking.

Park Joon Seo’s Death to Cover Up Jong Soo’s Crimes

5 Popular Theories At The Beginning Of The Connection Episode, Answering The Mystery! still cuts drama Connection (instagram.com/sbsdrama.official)

Park Joon Seo (Yoon Na Moo) was found dead under suspicious circumstances, leading many to question the true cause of his death. Initially ruled as a suicide, the presence of violent injuries on his body suggests foul play. Before his death, Joon Seo had warned Jae Kyung about the SOS 1882 code and received a mysterious message revealing the location of a drug transaction.

Jae Kyung, who was also kidnapped and drugged, suspects that Joon Seo was murdered to conceal Jong Soo’s illicit activities. Prosecutor Tae Jin’s attempts to obstruct the autopsy further fuel suspicions, especially since both Tae Jin and Jong Soo were present at the crime scene. This theory positions Jong Soo as a mastermind willing to eliminate anyone threatening to expose his secrets.

Given how often dramas use the trope of a “clean-up” murder to protect larger conspiracies, this theory isn’t far-fetched. It’s the classic move of erasing all traces and silencing potential whistleblowers. This angle not only adds suspense but also raises the stakes for Jae Kyung, making his investigation a dangerous endeavor. It also highlights the precarious balance between justice and corruption in the show’s universe.

Joon Seo Wants Jae Kyung to Investigate Jong Soo’s Crime

5 Popular Theories At The Beginning Of The Connection Episode, Answering The Mystery! still cuts drama Connection (instagram.com/sbsdrama.official)

Feeling threatened, Joon Seo took steps to ensure his death would not go unnoticed. He took out a substantial insurance policy and named three beneficiaries, including Jae Kyung and reporter Oh Yoon Jin (Jeon Mi Do), implying his intent for them to investigate his death.

The recent discovery of Myung Guk’s body, another named beneficiary, suggests a larger conspiracy at play. Joon Seo’s actions hint at a calculated move to unravel the truth behind his and Myung Guk’s deaths, potentially exposing the sinister connections involving Jong Soo or Tae Jin.

Joon Seo’s premeditated efforts to secure an investigation posthumously indicate his awareness of the dangers he faced. This theory underscores the depth of his fear and the extent of the conspiracy. The insurance policy aspect adds a touch of realism and forethought, suggesting that he anticipated his demise and took proactive steps to ensure justice. It’s a classic “if I go down, I’m taking you with me” scenario, which always adds an interesting layer to any thriller.

Joon Seo Betrayed Jae Kyung in the Past

5 Popular Theories At The Beginning Of The Connection Episode, Answering The Mystery! still cuts drama Connection (instagram.com/sbsdrama.official)

Joon Seo, Jae Kyung, Yoon Jin, and Heo Joo Song (Jung Soon Won) were once close friends in a music club. However, their friendship was shattered when Joon Seo failed to support Jae Kyung during a critical investigation. Under pressure, Joon Seo retracted his testimony, leading to a fallout with Jae Kyung that lasted twenty years.

This backstory adds a layer of personal conflict to the narrative, suggesting that past betrayals might influence current events. It also raises questions about whether Joon Seo’s actions are driven by guilt and a desire for redemption.

This theory adds an emotional layer to the story, making the stakes personal for Jae Kyung. The idea of unresolved past betrayals affecting present-day actions adds depth to the characters and their motivations. It’s not just about solving a crime; it’s about addressing the wounds of the past. This adds a rich, dramatic tension that viewers can emotionally invest in.

Kim Chang Soo Knows Jae Kyung is Addicted to Drugs

5 Popular Theories At The Beginning Of The Connection Episode, Answering The Mystery! still cuts drama Connection (instagram.com/sbsdrama.official)

Kim Chang Soo (Jeong Jae Kwang), a member of Jae Kyung’s team, seems aware of his boss’s struggles with drug addiction. After Jae Kyung’s kidnapping, Chang Soo noticed his erratic behavior and took steps to investigate, including reviewing hospital CCTV footage and monitoring missing drug evidence.

Chang Soo’s suspicions indicate a potential subplot where Jae Kyung’s addiction could compromise his ability to lead the investigation, adding another layer of tension and complexity to the unfolding drama.

The theme of addiction, particularly within law enforcement, is a compelling subplot. It brings up questions of reliability and trust. Can Jae Kyung be trusted to solve this case while battling his own demons? This subplot could lead to dramatic tension within his team and personal struggles that make his journey more poignant and layered.

Connection is off to a captivating start, with these theories adding depth and intrigue to the story. As the episodes progress, viewers eagerly anticipate how these mysteries will unfold. Connection airs every Friday and Saturday, so stay tuned for more thrilling developments.

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