5 Plot Twists at the Ending of The Atypical Family, Hard to Predict!

Uncover the five shocking plot twists that made The Atypical Family's finale mind-blowing and unforgettable.
5 Plot Twists At The Ending Of The Atypical Family, Hard To Predict!

The Atypical Family (2024) concluded its 12-episode run on June 8 and 9, leaving viewers with a mix of satisfaction and surprise. Bok Gwi Ju (Jang Ki Yong) and Do Da Hae (Chun Woo Hee) finally reunited after many ups and downs, giving the characters a happy ending. However, what made the ending even more intriguing were the unexpected plot twists in the final episode. Let’s dive into the five shocking plot twists that left the audience in awe.

1. The Sauna Family Helps Cancel a Wedding

Viewers were surprised to see the sauna family’s involvement in Bok Dong Hee’s (Claudia Kim) wedding cancellation. Initially, it seemed like their relationship with Do Da Hae had ended. However, Baek Il Hong’s (Kim Keum Soon) feelings for Do Da Hae deepened, leading him to consider her as his own daughter.


In an unexpected turn, the sauna family assisted Do Da Hae in canceling Bok Dong Hee’s disastrous marriage. Baek Il Hong, along with Grace (Ryu Abel) and Noh Hyeong Tae (Roy), managed to deceive Bok Dong Hee’s future husband, completing the task without Do Da Hae’s direct intervention.

2. Bok Man Heum’s Precognitive Dream

Bok Man Heum’s precognitive dream played a crucial role in the final episodes. Initially, he believed the dream depicted a single fire incident involving Do Da Hae. However, it turned out that the dream predicted two separate fire events that Bok Gwi Ju would face.

Fire Incident

One fire occurred during Bok I Na’s (Park So Yi) dance competition, and the other was a school fire that trapped Do Da Hae 13 years ago. Fortunately, Bok Gwi Ju managed to survive both incidents, adding layers of suspense to the plot.

3. Do Da Hae’s Child with Supernatural Powers

One of the most surprising twists was the revelation that Do Da Hae had given birth to Bok Gwi Ju’s child, who inherited his father’s powers. This twist was unveiled through a sudden time slip, showing that Do Da Hae had been pregnant before she disappeared five years ago.

Supernatural Powers

Their son, Bok Nu Ri, possesses the same time-traveling abilities as his father, adding a new dimension to the storyline and hinting at future adventures.

4. Bok Dong Hee and Noh Hyung Tae’s Romance

While Jo Ji Han (Choi Seung Yoon) served his prison sentence, Bok Dong Hee developed a romantic relationship with Noh Hyung Tae. Their feelings for each other had been brewing for a long time, especially since Noh Hyung Tae frequently stalked Bok Dong Hee’s house to deceive her family.

Romantic Relationship

Their relationship blossomed, and Bok Dong Hee no longer hesitated to invite Noh Hyung Tae to fly with her powers, showcasing their growing closeness.

5. Bok Gwi Ju’s Return to the Present

The most mind-blowing twist was Bok Gwi Ju’s return to the present, facilitated by his son’s extraordinary powers. Bok Nu Ri’s abilities surpassed those of his father, allowing him to locate and retrieve Bok Gwi Ju from the past in an instant. This twist provided a heartwarming conclusion, emphasizing the strength of familial bonds and the potential for new beginnings.

Bok Gwi Ju'S Return

These five plot twists significantly enhanced the excitement of The Atypical Family‘s ending. As a viewer, I found the ending both satisfying and thought-provoking, leaving me eager for more. Did you enjoy the ending as much as I did? Share your thoughts on these unexpected twists!

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