5 Mysteries at the Beginning of the Korean Drama Red Swan, Who is the Main Antagonist?

Uncover the five biggest mysteries that grip viewers in Red Swan's early episodes.
5 Mysteries At The Beginning Of The Korean Drama Red Swan, Who Is The Main Antagonist?

The much-anticipated Korean drama Red Swan finally premiered on Wednesday, July 3, 2024. This intriguing series combines action with makjang, a genre known for its exaggerated drama and sensational plot twists. The story revolves around a former police officer, now a bodyguard, who is determined to uncover the truth behind his friend’s murder. With Rain and Kim Ha Neul leading the cast, the first episode has already left viewers with many questions. Let’s delve into the five major mysteries introduced in the opening episodes of Red Swan.

1. Who Killed Shin Ju Hyuk and Chairman Kim?

Rain In Red Swan

Rain In Red Swan (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Red Swan) 

In the first episode, we witness a flashback where Seo Do Yoon (Rain) is haunted by guilt over the death of his best friend and colleague, Shin Ju Hyuk (Sung Hyuk). Ju Hyuk was murdered in a quiet alley in Manila, and although Do Yoon didn’t see the killer, he overheard a conversation using a code known to the Hwain family’s bodyguards. This clue leads Do Yoon to become a bodyguard for Oh Wan Soo (Kim Ha Neul), a member of the Hwain family. He discovers a memory card with evidence that Chairman Kim Du O’s (Jo Won Hee) death was also a murder. This raises the question: Are these two deaths connected, and who is behind them?

2. Who Died in the Opening of Episode 2?

Kim Ha Neul In Red Swan

Kim Ha Neul In Red Swan (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Red Swan) 

The beginning of episode 2 throws us into another murder scene at the Hwain family home. The victim’s identity remains a mystery, but we see Oh Wan Soo in shock, covered in blood. The police interview the household staff, trying to piece together what happened. This scene adds another layer of suspense, leaving viewers eager to uncover who the latest victim is and how it ties into the broader storyline.

3. Who is the Mastermind Behind the Terrorist Attack on Oh Wan Soo?

Kim Ha Neul In Red Swan

Kim Ha Neul In Red Swan (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Red Swan) 

In episode 1, Oh Wan Soo was the victim of a terror attack. A mysterious person tried to kill him but ended up killing someone else and injuring many. ISIS is believed to have masterminded the incident because they had previously sent threatening emails. This was because of Oh Wan Soo’s persistence in protecting war victims through the NOW Foundation that he leads. Even so, it is not clear who the real mastermind is because Seo Do Yoon realized that the shooter was the same person who killed Shin Ju Hyuk.

4. What Happened to Oh Wan Soo’s Son?

Kim Ha Neul In Red Swan

Kim Ha Neul In Red Swan (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Red Swan) 

During her 12 years of marriage with Kim Yong Kook (Jung Gyu Woon), the eldest son of the Hwain family, Oh Wan Soo was blessed with one son. However, his son was only seen in flashback scenes. Seeing Oh Wan Soo’s sad expression every time he remembers his son and how strained her marriage is now, it is likely that his son has died. However, the question is, what happened to the child? Did he die in an accident or was he murdered?

5. Will There Be a Love Line Between Seo Do Yoon and Oh Wan Soo?

Rain And Kim Ha Neul In Red Swan

Rain And Kim Ha Neul In Red Swan (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Red Swan) 

From the first moment they met, Seo Do Yoon and Oh Wan Soo displayed undeniable chemistry. Seo Do Yoon is quick to protect and save her. Considering her husband is having an affair with his friend and her toxic mother-in-law, the audience somewhat approves of Seo Do Yoon’s relationship with Oh Wan Soo, even though it means infidelity. However, it is not clear whether they will become a couple or just revenge partners. Although their chemistry suggests mutual attraction, at the beginning of episode 2, a maid at the Hwain family home said that Seo Do Yoon and Oh Wan Soo were not a couple when questioned by the police.

Theories and Speculations

The drama Red Swan has already captivated its audience with these unanswered questions. From the mysterious murders to the secretive behavior of the Hwain family, each episode promises to reveal more about the intricate web of secrets and lies. The show’s ability to intertwine personal vendettas with corporate intrigue keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

As a fan, I find myself constantly speculating about the true identities of the culprits. Is there a single mastermind orchestrating these events, or are multiple players involved? The hints dropped so far suggest a complex conspiracy that goes beyond simple revenge or power struggles. The dynamic between Seo Do Yoon and Oh Wan Soo also adds an emotional depth to the story, making their potential relationship another aspect to watch closely.

In conclusion, Red Swan delivers a thrilling start, filled with suspense and drama. The mysteries it presents not only engage viewers but also invite them to become part of the investigation. With only ten episodes, the show promises a fast-paced journey to uncover the truth. Stay tuned to see how these questions unfold and who ultimately stands as the main antagonist in this gripping tale.

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