5 K-Pop Idols Confirmed to Enter the Military in July 2024

Five KPop idols confirmed for military service in July 2024.
5 K-Pop Idols Confirmed To Enter The Military In July 2024

Military service is an essential duty for male South Korean citizens, including KPop artists and idols. By the age of 30, they must fulfill their obligation to serve their country. This often means taking a break from their careers in the entertainment industry for about 18 months.

Recently, several KPop idols have announced their military service schedules. Here are five idols confirmed to enter military service in July 2024.

Dawon from SF9

Dawon Sf9

Dawon Sf9 (Twitter.com/Sf9Official) 

Dawon, a member of SF9, will begin his military service on July 1, 2024. He will serve as an army soldier and is expected to be discharged on December 31, 2025. Before enlisting, Dawon held a solo fan meeting in Seoul in April 2024. SF9’s latest comeback was in January 2024 with the release of their 13th mini album, Sequence.

Kim Jae Hwan

Kim Jae Hwan

Kim Jae Hwan (Instagram.com/Jaehwan0527) 

Kim Jae Hwan will also start his military service on July 1, 2024, serving in the army’s military band. Alongside this announcement, he has extended his contract with WakeOne Entertainment. His most recent comeback was with his 7th mini album, I Adore, released on May 8, 2024, featuring the main track “나만큼 (Amaid).”

Hwichan from OMEGA X


Hwichan (Instagram.com/Hwich.___.An) 

Hwichan, the second oldest member of OMEGA X, will be the first from his group to enter the military. He is set to enlist on July 4, 2024, and is expected to be discharged in early 2026. Despite past rumors involving the CEO of Spire Entertainment, Hwichan remains focused on his service. OMEGA X is now under IPQ Entertainment following the end of their contract with Spire Entertainment in May 2023.

Sebin from OMEGA X


Sebin (Instagram.com/_Jangsebin) 

Sebin will join the military on July 16, 2024. He, along with Hwichan, will take a hiatus from their entertainment activities. The leader of OMEGA X, Jaehan, is also expected to announce his military schedule soon. Fans are hopeful for their smooth return.

Jooan from TAN


Jooan (Instagram.com/Joo_Aaaan) 

Jooan will be the first member of TAN to enter the military, beginning his basic training in July 2024. He will serve in the army’s military band. Recently, Jooan participated in TAN’s first fan concert in Seoul on June 9, 2024. Fans are concerned about the future of TAN due to the controversy surrounding Think Entertainment’s CEO and staff involvement in a DUI case, which threatens the agency’s stability.

These five idols will be missed by their fans during their service. Let’s hope they can serve smoothly and return healthy and stronger. What are your thoughts on their enlistment? Share your feelings and support for these idols in the comments below!

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