5 Facts About Jang Jae Kyung’s Past in Connection, Betrayed by a Friend!

Jang Jae Kyung's past reveals friendships, betrayals, and family strife shaping his journey.
5 Facts About Jang Jae Kyung’S Past In Connection, Betrayed By A Friend!

Jang Jae Kyung, portrayed by Ji Sung, is a fascinating character in the Korean drama Connection. As a detective in the Anhyeon Police Department’s drug division, he is known for his sharp investigative instincts. However, his past holds several surprising facts that add depth to his character. Here are five intriguing details about Jang Jae Kyung’s past.

A Troubled Friendship

Jang Jae Kyung'S Past Friends

Connection Drama Trailer (Doc. Sbs/Connection) 

Jang Jae Kyung transferred to Jeogang High School due to his father’s job, finding it challenging to make friends initially. Eventually, he befriended Park Joon Seo (Yoon Na Moo), Oh Yun Jin (Jeon Mi Do), and Heo Joo Seong (Jung Soon Won). The quartet bonded through extracurricular activities, forming a close-knit group. However, as adults, their friendships faltered, and they lost contact. This backstory highlights the fragile nature of their relationships, contrasting sharply with their present estrangement.

Unspoken Feelings for Oh Yun Jin

Jang Jae Kyung And Oh Yun Jin

Connection Drama Trailer (Doc. Sbs/Connection)

Oh Yun Jin captivated Jang Jae Kyung from the moment she transferred to Jeogang High School. Secretly harboring feelings for her, Jang Jae Kyung chose not to confess his love upon discovering her relationship with Park Joon Seo. Interestingly, Heo Joo Seong also had feelings for Oh Yun Jin, creating a complicated dynamic among the friends. This love triangle adds layers to their interactions, reflecting the emotional complexity of their teenage years.

Strained Relationship with His Father

Jang Jae Kyung And His Father

Connection Drama Trailer (Doc. Sbs/Connection) 

Despite coming from a prominent family, Jang Jae Kyung’s relationship with his father was far from ideal. His father often acted arbitrarily, leveraging his power at school, which embarrassed Jang Jae Kyung. In one notable incident, Jang Jae Kyung’s father refused to acknowledge him, causing a significant rift between them. This strained relationship influenced Jang Jae Kyung’s actions and decisions, contributing to his rebellious streak during his school years.

Betrayed by Park Joon Seo

Jang Jae Kyung And Park Joon Seo

Connection Drama Trailer (Doc. Sbs/Connection) 

The friendship between Jang Jae Kyung and Park Joon Seo deteriorated due to a significant incident. When Won Jong Soo and his friends bullied a fellow student and caused a fire, Park Joon Seo, who knew about the incident, refused to testify. Jang Jae Kyung, seeking justice, felt betrayed by Park Joon Seo’s silence and dishonesty. This betrayal marked the beginning of their estrangement, leaving Jang Jae Kyung harboring resentment well into adulthood.

Expelled from School

Jang Jae Kyung Expelled From School

Connection Drama Trailer (Doc. Sbs/Connection) 

Jang Jae Kyung’s quest for justice led to severe consequences. After Park Joon Seo’s refusal to testify, Jang Jae Kyung was expelled from school, disrupting his education and future prospects. The expulsion not only shattered his friendship with Park Joon Seo but also with Oh Yun Jin, who remained unaware of the true events. This pivotal moment underscores the impact of betrayal and the long-lasting effects on Jang Jae Kyung’s life.

Connection reveals that Jang Jae Kyung’s life is fraught with challenges, both past, and present. His experiences with friendship, unspoken love, family strife, and betrayal shape his complex character. As the drama unfolds, viewers can only hope that Jang Jae Kyung overcomes his trials and finds resolution before the final episode.

This drama brilliantly captures the nuances of human relationships and the lasting impact of our past. Jang Jae Kyung’s story is a compelling reminder of the importance of trust, loyalty, and the struggle to overcome personal demons. What do you think? Will Jang Jae Kyung find the redemption he seeks? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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