5 Differences Between Lee Se Na and Oh Tae Hwan in Bitter Sweet Hell

Lee Se Na and Oh Tae Hwan's dark contrasts drive Bitter Sweet Hell's thrilling narrative.
5 Differences Between Lee Se Na And Oh Tae Hwan In Bitter Sweet Hell

Bitter Sweet Hell is a gripping Korean drama that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Among its many intriguing characters, Lee Se Na and Oh Tae Hwan stand out as the antagonists, plotting against the protagonist, No Yeong Won. Played by Yeonwoo and Jung Gun Joo, respectively, these villains share a common goal but differ in significant ways. Here are five key differences between Lee Se Na and Oh Tae Hwan in Bitter Sweet Hell.

1. Oh Tae Hwan Uses a Fake Name, While Lee Se Na Doesn’t

Oh Tae Hwan Using A Fake Name

Jung Gun Joo In Bitter Sweet Hell (Doc. Mbc/Bitter Sweet Hell) 

Oh Tae Hwan and Lee Se Na both infiltrate No Yeong Won’s family with sinister motives. However, their methods are quite different. Oh Tae Hwan adopts a fake identity, Moon Tae Oh, claiming to be a medical student at SNU. This guise allows him to become a tutor for Choi Do Hyun, No Yeong Won’s son. In contrast, Lee Se Na uses her real name but deceives her way into the family by pretending to love Choi Jae Jin, No Yeong Won’s husband, and becomes his mistress.

2. Lee Se Na’s Psychopathic Tendencies Began in Childhood

Lee Se Na'S Psychopathic Tendencies

Yeonwoo In Bitter Sweet Hell (Doc. Mbc/Bitter Sweet Hell) 

Lee Se Na’s dark nature was evident from a young age. She displayed psychopathic tendencies by killing animals that she perceived as threats to her brother, interpreting these actions as acts of love. Oh Tae Hwan, on the other hand, had a very different childhood. He was not inherently evil but rather a victim of his father’s violence. He and his twin brother, Oh Ji Hwan, suffered severe abuse at the hands of their father, shaping Oh Tae Hwan’s later actions.

3. Their Family Tragedies Are Distinct

Their Family Tragedies

Jung Gun Joo In Bitter Sweet Hell (Doc. Mbc/Bitter Sweet Hell) 

Both antagonists are the sole survivors of their families, but their backstories differ dramatically. Lee Se Na’s tragic tale involves her locking up her parents and setting their house on fire, leading to their deaths and that of her sister, who tried to save them. Conversely, Oh Tae Hwan witnessed his father murder his mother and his twin sister, making him the only survivor of this horrific event.

4. Different Motivations for Their Grudges Against No Yeong Won

Different Motivations For Their Grudges

Yeonwoo In Bitter Sweet Hell (Doc. Mbc/Bitter Sweet Hell) 

Lee Se Na and Oh Tae Hwan both harbor deep grudges against No Yeong Won, but for different reasons. Lee Se Na’s resentment stems from a comment No Yeong Won made at a counseling session, suggesting that one should sever ties with toxic family members. This struck a nerve with Lee Se Na. Meanwhile, Oh Tae Hwan blames No Yeong Won for his family’s tragedy. He believes that his mother’s decision to confront his father, which ultimately led to the murders, was influenced by No Yeong Won’s counseling.

5. Oh Tae Hwan is Impulsive, While Lee Se Na is Manipulative

Oh Tae Hwan Is Impulsive, While Lee Se Na Is Manipulative

Jung Gun Joo In Bitter Sweet Hell (Doc. Mbc/Bitter Sweet Hell) 

The personalities of these characters also contrast sharply. Oh Tae Hwan is impulsive and quick to anger, often acting on his emotions without much forethought. In contrast, Lee Se Na is calm and calculating, excelling in manipulation and deceit. She can easily convince others to assist in her schemes and has committed multiple murders without being caught by the police.

Both Lee Se Na and Oh Tae Hwan are complex characters whose actions against No Yeong Won and her family are equally disturbing. Despite their shared goal of revenge, their differing backgrounds and personalities make their approaches to villainy unique. These differences add depth to their characters and heighten the drama in Bitter Sweet Hell.

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