5 Characters with the Best Character Development in Ending Hierarchy

See the top five characters in Hierarchy with incredible development. Witness their journeys from toxic traits to becoming better individuals in this compelling series.
5 Characters With The Best Character Development In Ending Hierarchy

The TV show Hierarchy delves into the lives of Jooshin High School students, many of whom are from wealthy families. They often act superior and look down on less fortunate students. However, things take a turn when a new scholarship student arrives, determined to end the bullying culture at the school.

As the series progresses, several characters undergo significant transformations, turning from toxic individuals into better versions of themselves by the end. Let’s take a closer look at five characters who displayed the most impressive character development.

Jung Jae I: From Cold and Reserved to Warm and Open

Jung Jae I Roh Jeong Eui in Hierarchy (doc. Netflix/Hierarchy)

Jung Jae I, played by Roh Jeong Eui, starts off as a cold and withdrawn character, rarely smiling or asking for help. He hides his personal struggles, fearing his father’s anger and the possibility of being kicked out like his mother. However, as the story unfolds, Jae I begins to open up to his friends. He starts to laugh, smile, and find joy in small things, showing a willingness to be his true self. This transformation makes him a more relatable and endearing character.

Kim Ri An: From Arrogant Heir to a Remorseful Soul

Kim Ri An Kim Jae Won in Hierarchy (x.com/studiodragonKR)

Kim Ri An, portrayed by Kim Jae Won, is the heir to the Jooshin Group and is initially depicted as arrogant due to his social status and wealth. His character begins to change after falling in love with Jung Jae I. Upon learning that she was pregnant with his child and then miscarried, he feels immense guilt. This realization leads him to reflect on his past mistakes, especially his involvement in bullying scholarship students.

Ri An’s journey of redemption includes visiting Kang In Ha’s grave to apologize and admitting his role in school violence to the committee, even though he isn’t forgiven by everyone. His acceptance of responsibility and genuine remorse mark a significant shift in his character.

Yoon He Ra: From Spoiled and Arrogant to Humble and Mature

Yoon He Ra Ji Hye Won in Hierarchy (doc. Netflix/Hierarchy)

Yoon He Ra, played by Ji Hye Won, is initially a spoiled and arrogant character who tries to keep Kim Ri An away from Jung Jae I. She looks down on those she deems poor. However, her perspective changes when her father faces bankruptcy. She matures and starts to defend Jung Jae I, her childhood friend. Even after her father regains his success, He Ra remains humble and no longer insults Kang Ha, the scholarship recipient. This newfound maturity makes her a more likable character.

Lee Woo Jin: From Misguided Love to Seeking Redemption

Lee Woo Jin Lee Won Jung in Hierarchy (doc. Netflix/Hierarchy)

Lee Woo Jin, portrayed by Lee Won Jung, is a loyal friend and initially in a secret relationship with his teacher, Han Ji Su. As the series progresses, Woo Jin decides to end the relationship to pursue Yoon He Ra’s love. He also admits the illicit affair to his parents and the school, providing evidence that Han Ji Su was involved in a serious crime. This bold move shows his commitment to doing the right thing, even if it means facing difficult consequences.

Park Tae Ho: From Hiding His True Self to Embracing Honesty

Park Tae Ho Yoon Seok Ho behind the scenes of Hierarchy (instagram.com/ysh0_o)

Park Tae Ho, played by Yoon Seok Ho, pretends not to know Kang Ha, his best friend from middle school, to hide his secret of being his father’s illegitimate child. He fears bullying if others discover he isn’t wealthy. However, after Kang Ha reports the bullying at their school to the police, Tae Ho feels liberated to show his true self and rekindle his friendship with Kang Ha. His journey towards honesty and acceptance is heartwarming and highlights his genuine character.

In conclusion, the five characters mentioned above initially made viewers of Hierarchy feel frustrated. However, by the final episode, they all recognize their mistakes and transform into better individuals. Their character development deserves appreciation, showcasing the show’s ability to deliver meaningful and relatable growth arcs.

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