5 Burning Questions for the Finale of Missing Crown Prince

Get ready for the gripping finale of Missing Crown Prince! Will Choi Myung Yoon find happiness? Can the Queen Mother protect her child? All your burning questions answered.
5 Burning Questions For The Finale Of Missing Crown Prince

As the captivating Korean drama Missing Crown Prince (2024) nears its conclusion, fans are eagerly anticipating answers to several unresolved mysteries. The King (Jeon Jin Oh) has finally awoken from a long coma induced by Choi Sang Rok’s (Kim Joo Hun) poison, offering a glimmer of hope for Crown Prince Yi Gun (EXO’s Suho). However, the palace intrigue is far from over. Here are the five critical questions that must be addressed in the series finale.

1. Has Choi Myung Yoon’s Curse Truly Been Lifted?

Choi Myung Yoon'S Curse Still cut from drama Missing Crown Prince (instagram.com/mbn_drama)

In episode 18, an old woman foretells that the widow’s curse shadowing Choi Myung Yoon (Hong Ye Ji) has vanished, suggesting a possible happy ending for her and Yi Gun. But is it really that simple? The couple still faces numerous hurdles, including Myung Yoon’s tarnished reputation as the daughter of a traitor. This lingering issue could jeopardize their happiness and leaves fans wondering if a blissful resolution is in sight.

2. The Queen Mother’s Unexpected Pregnancy

Queen Mother'S Pregnancy Still cut from drama Missing Crown Prince (instagram.com/mbn_drama)

One of the most shocking twists in recent episodes is the news of the Queen Mother’s (Myung Se Bin) pregnancy. Initially, Choi Sang Rok seemed ready to flee with her, but his change of heart raises questions about their future. Will he fight to secure their place and protect their unborn child? And will the Queen Mother be able to safeguard her pregnancy amidst the palace turmoil?

3. The King’s Health and Secret Remedies

King'S Health Still cut from drama Missing Crown Prince (instagram.com/mbn_drama)

The King’s revival brings hope, but his health remains precarious. Choi Myung Yoon’s secret medicine, which helps the King mask his pain and maintain his duties, appears to be a double-edged sword. Although unstated, viewers suspect this remedy is narcotic. This raises concerns about the King’s dependency and the potential repercussions on his health and leadership.

4. Consequences for the Traitors

Traitors' Fate Still cut from drama Missing Crown Prince (instagram.com/mbn_drama)

Judge Yoon Jung Dae (Sun Jung Bum) and leftist official Yoon Ye Gyeom (Cha Kwang Soo) have been apprehended for their treachery. The finale needs to address their fates and whether justice will be served. Fans are keen to see if these characters will face the full extent of the law for their actions.

5. Future of Dosung and Queen Yoon

Dosung And Queen Yoon Still cut from drama Missing Crown Prince (instagram.com/mbn_drama)

Queen Yoon (Yoo Se Rye) faces house arrest for her involvement in poisoning the King and promoting Prince Dosung (Kim Min Kyu) to the crown prince. Meanwhile, Dosung has been exiled from the palace. The resolution of their storylines is crucial. Will they find redemption and peace once the political unrest subsides, or are they doomed to remain outcasts?

Final Thoughts

As we brace for the final episodes airing on June 15 and 16, 2024, these pressing questions need satisfying answers. The complexity of the characters and their intertwined fates have kept us on the edge of our seats. Let’s hope the finale of Missing Crown Prince delivers the closure and justice the audience craves. What are your predictions for the ending? Share your thoughts as we eagerly await the conclusion of this riveting drama.

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