4 Unique Features of Seo Ji Hwan’s Gang in My Sweet Mobster: A Collection of Repentant Thugs

From gangsters to entrepreneurs, Seo Ji Hwan's crew in My Sweet Mobster embarks on a redemption journey, building a business and embracing positive changes together.
4 Unique Features Of Seo Ji Hwan’S Gang In My Sweet Mobster: A Collection Of Repentant Thugs

Seo Ji Hwan (Um Tae Goo), once the fearsome leader of the Bulldog Gang, takes a surprising turn in the Korean drama My Sweet Mobster. Despite stepping down from his criminal throne, his loyal followers continue to stand by him, revealing a gang that defies traditional gangster stereotypes. Here are four unique features that set Seo Ji Hwan’s gang apart from the rest.

1. They Own a Company Called Rusa Haus

Rusa Haus

Jung Man Ho (Lee Yoo Joon) In The Drama My Sweet Mobster (Instagram.com/Jtbcdrama) 

In an unexpected twist, Seo Ji Hwan founds a company named Thirsty Deer, breaking away from his past life of crime. The core team includes Joo Il Young (Kim Hyun Jin) as General Director, Kwak Jae Soo (Yang Hyun Min) as Head of Customer Management, Jung Man Ho (Lee Yoo Joon) as Head of Product Development, Yang Hong Ki (Moon Dong Hyeok) as Head of Marketing, and Lee Dong Hee (Jaechan), the youngest, serving as the Secretary to the CEO and a key member of the Management Support Team.

Under Seo Ji Hwan’s leadership, Thirsty Deer aims to provide employment to former inmates, offering them a chance at redemption and reintegration into society. Acknowledging the challenges faced by ex-convicts in finding trustworthy employment, Seo Ji Hwan’s initiative is both compassionate and practical.

The company specializes in producing Frank sausages, which have been distributed to 11 hotels and around 80 large supermarkets. Notably, the head of Pasar Raya praised the product, highlighting the gang’s success in the food industry.

2. Each Member Has Undoubted Skills


Joo Il Young (Kim Hyun Jin) In The Drama My Sweet Mobster (Instagram.com/Jtbcdrama) 

Contrary to societal expectations, Seo Ji Hwan’s gang members possess remarkable skills. Seo Ji Hwan himself excels in communication, strategic thinking, and cooking. Yang Hong Ki is a creative force, responsible for the packaging designs and logos, and adept at handling company-related news.

Kwak Jae Soo, Jung Man Ho, and Lee Dong Hee excel in customer relations, winning over clients with their charm and professionalism. Joo Il Young, Seo Ji Hwan’s right-hand man, mirrors his leader’s abilities, particularly in effective communication. Their combined expertise drives the company’s success and sustainability.

3. They Fight All Criminal Acts


Kwak Jae Soo (Yang Hyun Min) In The Drama My Sweet Mobster (Instagram.com/Jtbcdrama) 

Before venturing into the food business, Seo Ji Hwan led the notorious Bulldog Gang. However, a brush with the law prompted a significant change. Disbanding the gang, Seo Ji Hwan disappeared to reflect on his past misdeeds. When he returned, his loyal followers rejoined him with a shared mission: to combat criminal activities.

This transformation is driven by a desire to atone for their previous wrongdoings. Seo Ji Hwan and his men now stand against drug use, gambling, fraud, theft, assault, extortion, and robbery, demonstrating their commitment to a righteous path.

4. They Practice Good Habits That Other Gangsters Never Do

Good Habits

Lee Dong Hee (Jaechan) In The Drama My Sweet Mobster (Instagram.com/Jtbcdrama) 

In a heartwarming departure from typical gangster behavior, Seo Ji Hwan’s gang adopts positive habits. They start their day with a communal breakfast and a prayer, fostering a sense of unity and purpose. This routine, rarely seen in gangster portrayals, underscores their commitment to personal growth and mutual support.

Despite their repentance, societal prejudice persists. Seo Ji Hwan often encourages his subordinates to remain introspective and resilient. My Sweet Mobster, a delightful romcom series, invites viewers to laugh and reflect on these reformed characters’ journeys. You can catch the latest episodes on Viu every Wednesday and Thursday.

In my opinion, My Sweet Mobster offers a refreshing take on the gangster genre, blending humor and heartfelt moments to showcase the transformative power of redemption and community.

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