4 Recommended Korean Films with a Travel Theme, Including the Latest: Cabriolet

Dive into the stories of 4 must-watch Korean travel-themed films, including the newly released Cabriolet. These films offer touching narratives and stunning visuals.
4 Recommended Korean Films With A Travel Theme, Including The Latest: Cabriolet

Road movies or travel-themed films often explore the journey of characters who leave home with various aims and objectives. These journeys can lead to profound personal transformation and new perspectives on life. For fans of Korean cinema, there are several must-watch travel-themed films. Here’s a look at four recommended Korean films that embrace the travel theme, including the latest release, Cabriolet.

Sisters on the Road (2009)

Sisters On The Road Source: CJ Entertainment

Starring Gong Hyo Jin and Shin Min Ah, Sisters on the Road follows the journey of two sisters, Myung Ju and Myung Eun, who share different fathers. Myung Ju, a fish seller and single parent, lives a light-hearted life. Meanwhile, Myung Eun, a university graduate with a good career, feels neglected by her biological father and disconnected from her family. Following their mother’s death, Myung Eun decides to find her father and asks Myung Ju to join her. The sisters’ journey reveals hidden truths about their past and helps them understand each other better. This film beautifully captures the complexities of family relationships and the healing power of shared experiences.

The Box (2021)

The Box Source: Cinepirun

The Box is a musical road trip film that tells the story of Ji Hoon, a talented young singer played by Chanyeol, who dreams of becoming a famous musician. Ji Hoon sings on street corners, determined to achieve his goals. His life changes when he meets Min Soo, a former successful music producer. Together, they embark on a heartwarming journey to pursue their dreams in the music industry. This film not only showcases the beauty of following one’s passion but also emphasizes the importance of mentorship and collaboration.

Broker (2022)

Broker Source: CJ Entertainment

Broker features Song Kang Ho as Sang Hyeon, the owner of a laundry service who volunteers at a church. With his friend Dong Soo, Sang Hyeon occasionally steals babies from the church’s baby box, finding them new parents for a fee. When a young mother named So Young discovers her baby is missing, she teams up with Sang Hyeon and Dong Soo to find new parents for her child. Their journey, marked by encounters with detectives Soo Jin and Lee, explores themes of family, redemption, and the lengths people go to for the ones they love.

Cabriolet (2024)


Source: Plusm Entertainment


The latest travel-themed film, Cabriolet, stars Geum Sae Rok as Oh Ji Ah, an office worker who decides to buy a cabriolet car and travel the country after receiving a cancer diagnosis. She invites her ex-boyfriend Jung Ki Seok to join her, offering him the car if he stays with her for seven days. Their journey takes an unexpected turn when Ki Seok leaves Ji Ah in a rural area, and she meets Byung Jae, a mysterious tractor driver. As Ji Ah navigates her new surroundings, she discovers more about herself and the true meaning of living life to the fullest. Cabriolet premieres on June 19, 2024, and promises a touching narrative filled with beautiful scenery and poignant moments.

These travel-themed Korean films not only showcase the stunning landscapes of the country but also impart meaningful life lessons. Each journey depicted in these movies leaves a lasting impression, making them worth watching for anyone seeking heartfelt stories and inspiring transformations.

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