4 Reasons Why Choi Do Hyun Yelled at His Mother in Bitter Sweet Hell

Find out why Choi Do Hyun yelled at his mom in Bitter Sweet Hell.
4 Reasons Why Choi Do Hyun Yelled At His Mother In Bitter Sweet Hell

Bitter Sweet Hell tells the gripping story of the Noh family, led by renowned psychologist Noh Yeong Won (Kim Hee Seon). Despite their seemingly perfect exterior, the family faces turmoil when Yeong Won’s son, Choi Do Hyun (Jae Chan), unexpectedly becomes a father. This shocking revelation sets off a chain of events that culminates in a dramatic confrontation between mother and son. Let’s delve into the four key reasons why Choi Do Hyun dared to yell at his mother.

1. Misinformation About the Abortion

Noh Yeong Won (Kim Hee Sun) In The Drama Bitter Sweet Hell

The tension between Choi Do Hyun and his mother, Noh Yeong Won, hits a peak when he wrongly believes she advised his girlfriend So Yi’s parents to opt for an abortion. In reality, this was orchestrated by his grandmother, Hong Sa Gang (Lee Hye Young), who secretly visited So Yi’s family and offered money to terminate the pregnancy. Choi Do Hyun’s anger stems from this misunderstanding, leading him to unjustly accuse his mother. Noh Yeong Won, caught off guard and unable to clarify, faces her son’s fury.

This scene highlights the power of misinformation and how easily it can disrupt relationships. It’s a poignant reminder of the importance of clear communication within families.

2. Feeling Controlled by His Mother

Noh Yeong Won (Kim Hee Sun) In The Drama Bitter Sweet Hell

Choi Do Hyun’s outburst is also fueled by his feeling that his mother exerts too much control over his life. From the very first episode, he expresses to his father that he feels suffocated by his mother’s expectations. Noh Yeong Won’s well-meaning inquiries into his school life and personal affairs come across to him as mere formalities, rather than genuine interest. He perceives his life as being meticulously planned out by his mother, leaving little room for his own desires and decisions.

This aspect of their relationship sheds light on the common issue of parental control and its impact on a teenager’s sense of autonomy. It’s a compelling exploration of the struggle for independence that many adolescents face.

3. Comparing His Girlfriend to His Mother

Choi Do Hyun (Jae Chan) And So Yi (Han Sung Min) In The Drama Bitter Sweet Hell

Choi Do Hyun’s growing admiration for his girlfriend, So Yi, also plays a significant role in his anger towards his mother. Unlike his mother, So Yi is portrayed as a supportive and understanding partner who respects his independence. She pays attention to the small details and allows him to make his own decisions, fostering a sense of mutual respect and equality.

This comparison exacerbates Choi Do Hyun’s resentment towards his mother, as he begins to see So Yi as a preferable maternal figure. This dynamic adds another layer to the complexity of their relationship, illustrating the influence of external relationships on family dynamics.

4. Years of Pent-Up Anger

Choi Do Hyun (Jae Chan) In The Drama Bitter Sweet Hell

The final and perhaps most significant reason for Choi Do Hyun’s outburst is the accumulation of years of pent-up anger. As a high school student dealing with the pressures of adolescence, Choi Do Hyun is emotionally volatile and struggling to find his own identity. This emotional turmoil, coupled with the influence of his friend Moon Tae Oh (Jung Gun Joo), who encourages him to stand up to his mother, leads to his explosive reaction.

Choi Do Hyun’s anger is not just a momentary lapse but a manifestation of deep-seated issues. It’s a dramatic portrayal of how unresolved emotions can fester and eventually erupt, causing significant harm to familial relationships.


Bitter Sweet Hell intricately weaves the story of a family unraveling under the weight of misunderstandings, control issues, external influences, and accumulated anger. Choi Do Hyun’s confrontation with his mother is a pivotal moment that underscores the fragile nature of familial bonds and the need for empathy and open communication. As the series progresses, it remains to be seen whether these relationships can be mended or if the damage is irreparable. Keep watching Bitter Sweet Hell to find out what happens next!

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