4 Questions Before the Ending of Missing Crown Prince That Make You Curious!

Missing Crown Prince is nearing its end with 4 episodes left. What will happen to Choi Sang Rok? Will Yi Gun and Choi Myeong Yoon's love prevail? Find out now!
4 Questions Before The Ending Of Missing Crown Prince That Make You Curious!

The popular TV show Missing Crown Prince is reaching its final stretch with only four episodes left. The series, which will conclude on Saturday (15/6/2024) and Sunday (16/6/2024), has kept viewers on the edge of their seats with its intricate plot and complex characters. With Yi Gun (played by EXO’s Suho) expelled from the palace once again, several unresolved questions keep the audience eagerly awaiting the final episodes.

What Happened to Choi Sang Rok After He Was Arrested as a Rebel?

Choi Sang Rok Arrest Still cuts from drama Missing Crown Prince (instagram.com/mbn_drama)

King Haejong (Jeon Jin Oh) has regained consciousness and secretly met with his son, Yi Gun. Together, they seem to be plotting a return to power, currently under the control of the Queen Mother. In the preview for episode 17, we see the palace guards arresting Choi Sang Rok (Kim Joo Hun) as a rebel. What will happen to him after his arrest? Will Choi Sang Rok face the death penalty? The stakes are high, and the outcome is uncertain.

Will the Queen Mother’s Crimes Be Forgiven by the Palace?

Queen Mother'S Crimes Still cuts from drama Missing Crown Prince (instagram.com/mbn_drama)

Yi Gun has demanded that the Queen Mother kneel to be forgiven. Min Soo Ryeon (Myung Se Bin) might comply, but she could also resist, especially considering Choi Sang Rok’s endangered fate. The relationship between Min Soo Ryeon and Choi Sang Rok is strong, with both willing to do anything for each other. Will Min Soo Ryeon choose to protect her dignity or save her lover? This dilemma adds another layer of tension as the series approaches its conclusion.

Will Yi Gun and Choi Myeong Yoon’s Relationship Set Sail?

Yi Gun And Choi Myeong Yoon Still cuts from drama Missing Crown Prince (instagram.com/mbn_drama)

Yi Gun and Choi Myeong Yoon (Hong Ye Ji) are committed to each other despite the challenging circumstances. Choi Myeong Yoon’s father, a rebel, disapproves of their relationship, while Prince Dosung (Kim Min Kyu) is determined to marry her, openly showing his obsession. The love triangle is fraught with conflict. Who will ultimately win Choi Myeong Yoon’s heart in the end? The audience is eagerly waiting to see how this romantic subplot resolves.

Who Will Fill the Vacant Position of Crown Prince?

Vacant Crown Prince Position Still cuts from drama Missing Crown Prince (instagram.com/mbn_drama)

The competition for the crown prince position adds another layer of intrigue. Yi Gun, the former crown prince, was impeached before King Haejong’s poisoning incident. The opposition now supports Prince Dosung’s ascent to the throne. With King Haejong recovering, Yi Gun’s position remains precarious. Will Yi Gun’s name be cleared, or will Prince Dosung be appointed as the new crown prince? This political struggle is a key element that viewers are keen to see resolved.

These four pressing questions are just a part of the mystery that has captivated the audience. As the final episodes of Missing Crown Prince approach, fans are eagerly anticipating the answers. Will all these questions be resolved, or will some remain as plot holes? Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion of Missing Crown Prince!

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