4 New Korean Variety Shows Airing in June 2024, Guaranteed to be Exciting!

June 2024 brings thrilling new Korean variety shows featuring mystery, cooking, and romance. Meet new stars and enjoy unique themes that will keep you hooked.
4 New Korean Variety Shows Airing In June 2024, Guaranteed To Be Exciting!

June is such a great month for all who love South Korean variety shows. Various sorts of exciting shows are just ready to be broadcast, complete with different themes, from raising an element of mystery to getting prepared to manage a restaurant. This variety show series will bring the presence of new stars ready to make audiences fall in love with their personalities. Which variety shows are scheduled to be aired this June, then? Let’s check them out together!

My Name is Gabriel

Fans of Park Bo Gum and Ji Chang Wook really must watch this show. My Name is Gabriel is a reality entertainment show where the cast will go abroad and live someone else’s life as an ordinary person or non-celebrity. For 72 hours, they will run the person’s life. This show stars Ji Chang Wook, Park Bo Gum, Yeom Hye Ran, and Park Myung Soo. Director Kim Tae Ho, known for creating Infinite Challenge, Superstar Lee Hyori, and the latest The Devil’s Plan, is at the helm of this project.

My Name Is Gabriel Agents of Mystery Poster (Dok.jtbc/My Name is Gabriel)

My Name is Gabriel will premiere on JTBC and is set to air at 20:50 KST on Friday, June 21st. So save the date, okay?

Agents of Mystery

Netflix never fails to provide interesting variety shows mixed with mystery. Agents of Mystery is Netflix’s newest show that tells a mystery adventure story. Six players will track down and solve strange cases that ordinary agents cannot solve. These six players are Lee Yongjin, John Park, Lee Eunji, Hyeri, Kim Dohoon, and Karina. Many are looking forward to the chemistry and cooperation of these six players. Agents of Mystery will air on June 18.

Agents Of Mystery Agents of Mystery trailer (Dok.Netflix/Agents of Mystery)

Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2

After the success of the first season, Jinny’s Kitchen comes back even more stunning in its second season. This show is famous for its members who run the restaurant business seriously for more than a week. In the second season, the members will run a Korean restaurant business in Reykjavik, Iceland. The cast includes Lee Seo Jin, Park Seo Jun, Jung Yumi, Choi Woo Shik, and Go Min Si, who is a new addition replacing V BTS from the first season. Jinny’s Kitchen season 2 will premiere on June 28 on tvN.

Jinny'S Kitchen Season 2 Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2 Trailer (Dok.tvN/Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2)

Fortuneteller’s Love

Fortuneteller’s Love is SBS’s latest dating show. What’s unique about this event is that it brings together contestants with fortune-telling backgrounds. There are eight fortune tellers who predict their own romantic destiny after meeting new people. The show also features popular panelists such as Shin Dong Yup, Yoo In Na, Gabee, Yoo Seon Ho, and Park Sung Joon, who will guide the audience through each contestant’s love story. Fortuneteller’s Love is set to air on June 18.

Fortuneteller'S Love Fortuneteller’s Love Poster (SBS Doc/Fortuneteller’s Love)


These upcoming variety shows offer a delightful mix of genres and fresh concepts. My Name is Gabriel brings a fascinating twist to reality TV by having celebrities live ordinary lives abroad, which promises heartfelt and humorous moments. Agents of Mystery taps into the ever-popular mystery genre, and with its ensemble cast, it’s bound to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2 will likely continue to charm with its unique setting and beloved cast, while Fortuneteller’s Love adds an intriguing spin to the dating show format with its fortune-telling theme. Overall, June is shaping up to be an exciting month for K-variety show enthusiasts!

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